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5 Creative Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to begin and end with that fancy dinner in an expensive restaurant. It doesn’t have to be a costly affair either. Get creative this Valentine’s Day and hey, it may work both ways – for him and for her!

Flirty lingerie and hot underwear
Putting on some lacy and satiny underwear may be just the thing to spice up an evening. Or (for him) put on whatever Christian Grey’s been wearing and you’d be sizzling. Hot underwear is a sure-fire way to create a memorable Valentine’s Day. And surprise your partner further with a XXX Brazilian or a XXX Manzilian. Wearing a peek-a-boo outfit on top of all that sexy lingerie will definitely turn up the temperature a notch.

Get domestic
Yes, making the bed with you artfully “decorating” it, is sexy. Or set the table, with your sexy lingerie as the entree. Clean up and decorate the house with roses, chocolate and underwear, leading towards the designated harem for the night be it the bedroom, the deck, the spa or the garden.

Indulge in a sensuous massage
Turn your home into a spa. Light some candles, throw some silky and velvety cushions in the hall. Then, warm some massage oils. Try lavender, cedar or myrrh. As the gorgeous scents waft through the room, give each other a warm massage. Massage oils aren’t the only thing you can use, by the way. A little chocolate and cream can heat up the night, especially when dribbled on the right places.

Go dipping
Light some candles, burn some incense and sprinkle rose petals in the hot bath. Nothing says romantic and sexy more than snuggling with your loved one in a hot, warm bath. Wear nothing but flowers.

Play games
Play Truth or Dare! Write out five suggestive dares like put on a sexy outfit now orremove your underwear each, and drop that into the dare bowl. Then ask each other leading questions such as “Why would you like to go skinny dipping” or “What is your sexiest fantasy”.  Whoever doesn’t answer will have to dip in the bowl and select a dare. Who knows, you might not even be able to finish the game.

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