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Bikini Waxing

Your wax, your way! Having performed over 4 million bikini waxes since 1990 - we are the bikini and brazilian wax specialists!

We offer 4 different types of bikini waxing to suit our clients because after all, it’s all about you. Our qualified and experienced Beauty Therapists work with you to ensure you get the result you want, every visit!

What are the different types of bikini waxing?

Your wax, your way! We have five easy to choose from options when it comes to bikini hair removal, and we can always tailor our waxing treatments to suit your style!

X Bikini: A bikini line tidy-up. The sides are waxed, including where pubic hair is visible when wearing bikini brief style underwear.

X + G String Bikini: Includes the areas waxed in an X Bikini, plus a little more. Includes the areas visible when wearing g-string style underwear. *Does not include labia or in between the bottom.

XX Bikini: All pubic hair is waxed from the sides, labia, in between the bottom and most of the pubic bone, only leaving a small rectangle (commonly called a landing strip) or triangle shape on the pubic bone.

XXX Brazilian Bikini: No hair, completely bare! All hair is removed from the pubic area, including the sides, pubic bone, the labia and in-between the bottom. The XXX Brazilian wax is Essential Beauty’s most popular bikini wax service.

Spot Wax Bikini: For those little bits of hair your laser treatments may not have been able to remove, or if you just need in between the bum cheeks waxed! It’s your wax, your way!

  • bikini wax diagram

What do I need to do before my bikini wax?

1-2 days before:
  • Exfoliate and moisturise the area.
  • Ensure hairs are at least ½ a centimetre long.

If it is your first-time waxing, or if you’ve had a bit of a break between appointments, trimming the hair slightly can help with comfort levels. Just be sure to not go too short, as this can affect your results.

On the day:
  • Do not exfoliate or moisturise the area on the day of your wax appointment.
  • It is best to shower before your appointment when possible as excess sweat, oils and moisturisers can affect your waxing results. Your Beauty Therapist will also provide you with a personal hygiene wipe for you to use when getting ready to begin your treatment.
  • Avoid tight fitting or lacey underwear, as your skin will be slightly irritated immediately after your wax, so loose cotton underwear can be more comfortable.

How long will my results last?

Generally, you will be hair free for 2 weeks! After that, the hairs which are regrowing will be thinner and lighter. If you have been frequently shaving the area, it will take a few appointments for your hair growth cycle to become in sync. Rebooking regular waxes and using the right aftercare is key to maintaining your great results.

What should I do after my bikini wax?

Your skin will be sensitive, and can be a little red and spotty. This is completely normal and will subside over night. Do not use saunas, steam rooms, pools or lie in the sun for at least 24 hours after your wax.

1-2 days after:
  • We recommend using IngroStopper ingrown hair treatment daily after waxing to keep skin soft and prevent ingrown hairs from forming.
  • Resume your usual moisturising and exfoliating routine.
  • Enjoy your results!

Frequently Asked Questions

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How will shaving affect my next wax?

If you have been a regular shaver, it may take a few appointments for your hair growth cycle to be in sync. This is because the hairs all over our body are constantly going through cycles of growth, rest and shedding.

After you’ve shaved, the hairs in the growing phase will grow out long enough to be waxed, however the hairs which were in the resting stage when you shaved will stay the same, close to the surface of the skin. The wax will only remove those growing hairs, and the resting hairs will begin to shed naturally. Your first wax will remove the majority of hair that’s grown above the skin. Because hairs grow in different cycles, hairs below the skin’s surface will now sprout above the skin.

After three to four waxes, all hairs should be growing in the same cycle, which means longer-lasting results! Consistency pays off!

Can I leave my underwear on during my bikini wax?

Yes, you can, but you will need to work with your Beauty Therapist during your treatment to support the skin and remove all unwanted hair. We offer a disposable G-string for all bikini and Brazilian waxing services for modesty and to help support the skin.

Does a XXX Brazilian Wax hurt?

No form of waxing hair removal is ever 100% pain free! Our Beauty Therapists are all qualified and trained professionals who specialise in making your waxing experience as comfortable as possible. The results are well worth it!

Can I get waxed during my period?

Yes, but your bikini area can be more sensitive during this time. In order to successfully complete the service, you will need to wear a tampon or menstrual cup.