Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal vs IPL hair removal

We shed some light on the differences between Laser Hair Removal and IPL Hair Removal.

Laser hair removal is a permanent option being considered by many to reduce and remove unwanted hair.

Our therapists are extensively trained in the latest Laser techniques. Laser hair removal can be used to remove unwanted hair on the face, neck, underarms, chest, back, genital area, arms, legs, fingers, toes and feet. In fact, anywhere hair is a problem.

Essential Beauty offer a free $50 consultation which will assess whether you are a good candidate for the procedure, based on hair colour, skin tone and hair characteristics by undertaking a Fitzpatrick Skin Type Test.

You can have silky, smooth, hair-free skin 24/7 with Laser hair removal.

Like most of our clients, you may find that the reduction is close to permanent.

Visit one of our salons around Australia and receive a free Laser hair removal consultation valued at $50. Available in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney.*Laser not available in WA and QLD salons.

Laser Hair Removal

What exactly is the difference between Laser Hair removal and IPL Hair Removal?

The difference is in the technology. Both Laser Hair removal and IPL generate different wavelengths of light to permanently inhibit hair follicles from growing.

Laser is monochromatic, or in simple terms, the laser emits light of one wavelength or colour that is absorbed by melanin in the hair which converts to heat. The heat permanently disables the hair and prohibits re-growth. Laser is very effective in the removal of hair while not damaging any of the surrounding area. It can effectively be used on most skin types and hair colours (though there are some exclusions).

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Hair Removal emits ordinary white light formed by a broad-range of wavelengths or colours which is absorbed by melanin in the hair. The correct wavelength for the elimination of hair follicles is determined using a filter which is inserted into the machine.

The light then transforms into heat leading to the destruction of the hair follicle disabling re-growth. IPL is also very effective in the treatment of skin complications such as pigmentation or capillaries to name a few.

The cost of both Laser Hair Removal and IPL Hair Removal are generally the same. Check out the Laser Hair Removal prices here.

Both treatments require multiple sessions for optimal results but are equally effective in permanently removing unwanted hair.

Why laser hair removal…?

  • You want silky, smooth, hair-free skin.
  • You want to give up shaving and waxing forever.
  • You want to be free from menacing ingrown hairs.
  • You want hair removal that saves you time and money in the long term.



  • Shave the area in the 24 hours before your treatment. If you’re using hair removal cream, you can use this more than 24 hours before treatment.
  • Make sure your skin is not irritated, inflamed, cut or infected.



  • Use bleach on the hair you want removed in the weeks before Laser treatment.
  • Sunbake or use tanning beds, self-tanning creams or chemical peels for at least 4 weeks before your treatment.
  • Wear perfumes, deodorants or any potential irritants in the area being treated before your appointment
  • Wax, tweeze or pluck in the 4 weeks before your treatment. If your face is being treated, allow 2 weeks without doing any of this.

What happens during laser hair removal…?

  • Your therapist will conduct a skin assessment and determine your skin type using the Fitzpatrick skin type scale.
  • Your therapist will determine your treatment parameters and record them in the Laser machine.
  • Your therapist will begin the treatment. Keep your protective eyewear on for the entire treatment.
  • During treatment, you will feel the hand-piece on your skin. This aims a flash of light at your skin and your therapist will work methodically over the entire area, making sure it has all been covered.


If you feel one of these steps has been missed or hasn’t been done well, please stop your therapist and let her know. When you work together with your therapist, you will get the best possible results.


  • Expect your skin to be sensitive and a little red. Because the treated follicles have been heated, the area may be inflamed for up to 3 days.
  • Use a cold compress to help reduce swelling. The swelling is caused from the heat, not infection. This is normal and expected.
  • Consider taking an over the counter pain medication, such as Panadol, to help with any pain or discomfort.
  • Use a soothing lotion, such as Cool Gel, if your skin feels irritated or itchy in the immediate days after treatment.
  • Wear clothing and sunscreen (SPF 30+) to protect the treated area(s) from direct sun exposure at least 4 weeks after treatment. Be sure to reapply sunscreen throughout the day. This is very important for your skin’s health and to ensure the success of future Laser treatments.

What happens next…?

  • Around 2 or 3 weeks after a Laser treatment 10 to 20% of the treated hairs will fall out. During the healing phase, the area must be treated delicately. Do not rub or scratch.  If a crust develops, let it fall off on its own. Apply a thin layer of Cool Gel to the treated area several times a day to keep it moist. Pat the area dry. Do not shave the area if is swollen or crusting.
  • Immediately following treatment, the area may show erythema (redness and some swelling) around the follicles which looks similar to large goose bumps.
  • Apply ice when swelling occurs. Wrap the ice in a clean soft cloth. Discomfort or stinging may be relieved with Paracetamol. Do not take Ibuprofen or Aspirin as these medicines may react to the Laser light. If you need to apply makeup on the area, you must apply and remove it delicately. Excess rubbing can open the treated area and increase the chance of scarring. Avoid sports and strenuous exercise for two days following the treatment for Laser hair removal. Walking is encouraged though.
  • Avoid very hot baths, showers, steam baths or saunas, and don’t swim in strong chlorinated water for two or three days. Don’t use bleaching creams or perfume products for 24 to 48 hours. Avoid exfoliating or peels for one week. Try to avoid wearing tight clothing for two or three days. And if there are signs of infection like pus, tenderness or fever, contact your nearest Essential Beauty salon. Post treatment skincare instructions must be followed to prevent any complications.

Nearly all skin types can be treated. This table can help you decide if your skin type is suitable for Laser Hair Removal. If the answer is yes, book in today to see one of our hair removal specialists.

Fitzpatrick Skin TypeCharacteristics of the Skin Skin ColourIs Permanent Hair Reduction suitable?
1Burns easily/does not tan White/Pink Yes
2Burns easily/tans a little WhiteYes
3Burns sometimes/tans slowly White/Brown Yes
4Burns rarely/always tans BrownYes
5Burns rarely, naturally dark skin BlackNo

You should see a result after your first treatment. You’ll also see significant improvement if your treatment is repeated at regular intervals. After treatment, it will appear that your hair has continued to grow. What is actually happening, is that the hair is still being gripped by the skin and is slowly being expelled from the follicle.

This table shows you how many treatments you are likely to need.

Colour of your hairYour skin colourApproximate number of treatments
Dark1, 2 or 36
Medium1, 2 or 35 – 7
Light1, 2 or 36 – 7
Dark46 – 8
Medium48 – 9
Light/Grey/RedAny skin colournot suitable