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At Essential Beauty it’s your wax, your way! From brows, to bikini, and everything in between, our qualified Beauty Therapists are highly trained and offer the very best in waxing treatments.

Your wax, your way! Essential Beauty specialises in waxing anyone, on any part of the body! We are well known for our popular Brazilian Wax, but our qualified Beauty Therapists are also experienced in eyebrow waxing, underarms, legs, face, bikini, arms, men’s waxing and more! We are committed to providing hygienic waxing services, using disposable tools and never double-dipping.

Our Bikini & Brazilian Wax Services

Choose from a Bikini Wax, G String Wax, or a Brazilian Wax. We offer two types of Brazilians, a Brazilian Your Way (opt for a landing strip or a triangle on top) or a full Brazilian Wax (which removes all hair from the pubic area).

  • Bikini Wax Diagram
    Bikini Wax

Our two types of wax: Strip Wax and Sensitive Hot Wax

Strip Wax

Our fast and effective strip wax for larger areas of the body removes short and stubborn hairs quickly and easily! Our strip wax contains minerals to help soothe and calm the skin, to assist in rapid recovery.

Sensitive Hot Wax

We’ve formulated a unique wax used for sensitive areas of the body, such as the bikini area or face, without compromising on efficiency!

Our Sensitive Hot Wax applies in a thin film, stripping the hairs you can see, and the fine vellus hairs you can’t see! It has the grip of strip wax but is made to be gentle on the skin, and can help reduce redness and skin breakouts. Our Sensitive Hot Wax is vegan and cruelty free.

Things you need to know before getting waxed

How to prepare:

1-2 days before:

  • Lightly exfoliate the area 24-48 hours prior to your appointment to remove dead skin.
  • Moisturise your skin on the days before, but do not apply moisturiser on the day of your waxing as it will interfere with your results.

On the day:

  • Hairs should be about ½ a centimetre long (about the length of a grain of rice). Do not shave before your appointment. You may trim the area carefully, but please make sure you don’t trim the hairs too short.
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing after waxing to avoid irritation caused by rubbing.

You will have soft and smooth hair free skin for up to two weeks. After this, the slowly returning hairs will be softer and lighter. Most of our clients see us every 3 – 6 weeks, depending on their hair growth rate and personal preference!

Waxing Aftercare:

Your skin will be slightly pink and spotty post waxing and may feel a little irritated. Don’t worry! This will go away overnight and the end results are well worth it!

Immediate after:

  • Your Beauty Therapist will apply a cooling gel or lotion immediately after waxing to help soothe and calm your skin.
  • Avoid hot showers, soaking in hot baths, saunas, swimming, strenuous exercise or lying in the sun for at least 24 hours after your wax.

1-2 days after:

  • Continue your regular moisturising routine, but avoid any exfoliation.
  • We recommend using IngroStopper after all waxing to soften the hair follicle and help prevent ingrown hairs.

1 week after:

  • Your exfoliation routine can begin again, and make sure you continue to moisturise. Enjoy the results from your wax!

Choose your bikini wax style

We believe in ‘your wax, your way’ at Essential Beauty salons! Our waxing services can be tailored to suit your personal preference. We have four styles of pubic hair removal to choose from.

Bikini Wax: A bikini line tidy-up. The sides are waxed, including where the pubic hair is visible when wearing bikini brief style underwear.

G String Wax: Includes the areas waxed in an X Bikini, plus a little more. Includes the areas visible when wearing g-string style underwear. *Does not include labia or in between the bottom.

Brazilian Wax – Your Way (landing strip or triangle shape): All pubic hair is waxed from the sides, labia, in between the bottom and most of the pubic bone, only leaving a small rectangle (commonly called a landing strip) or triangle shape on the pubic bone.

Brazilian Wax (no hair, completely bare!): All hair is removed from the pubic area, including the sides, pubic bone, the labia and in-between the bottom. The XXX Brazilian wax is Essential Beauty’s most popular bikini wax service.

Read more about our bikini waxing services here.

Getting the best results from waxing

What is the Shaving Effect?

If you are new to waxing, or are coming in for a wax after regular shaving, it will take a few appointments for your hair growth cycle to be in sync. This is because the hairs all over our body are constantly going through cycles of growth, rest and shedding.

After you’ve shaved, the hairs in the growing phase will grow out long enough to be waxed, however the hairs which were in the resting stage when you shaved will stay the same, close to the surface of the skin. The wax will only remove those growing hairs, and the resting hairs will begin to shed naturally. This can make it seem like your wax didn’t last long, but consistency is key! Getting regular waxes will ensure all your hairs are in the growing phase when they are removed, giving you longer lasting results!

The benefits of regular waxing

Not only will you maintain your great results from having regular waxes, your hair will grow back progressively finer and sparser. This is because the wax removes the hair from the root, causing the hair follicle to weaken each time. These finer hairs also mean there is no itchiness or prickliness as your hair is regrowing. Waxing also gently exfoliates your skin, and while it will never take the place of regular exfoliation, it can help to brighten the surface of your skin and enhance smoothness.


More about brow waxing

At Essential Beauty, we’re passionate about brows! We have developed an eyebrow waxing method, 4 Zone Eyebrow Shaping, to help you create symmetry and achieve the best brows for your face shape!

Our brow waxing appointments are focused appointments where your Beauty Therapist will discuss your eyebrow shape questions, goals, personal preferences and hopes for your ideal brow shape.

After discussing the Head of the Brow, Outer Arch, Inner Arch and Tail, your Beauty Therapist will begin waxing your eyebrows and may recommend adding a tint to fill in any gaps or lighter hairs. It may take a number of appointments to achieve your ultimate eyebrow goals, your Therapist will work with you and help you plan where you need to try to grow hair, remove hairs or tint hairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

The low-down on all things waxing
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Do you offer waxing for men?

Yes! Our trained Beauty Therapists specialise in waxing for both men and women. Male hair can be thicker and denser in some areas, making them more prone to ingrown hairs. We highly recommend the use of Ingro Stopper after all male waxing, to soften the follicle and gently exfoliate, reducing the risk of ingrown hairs.

How often should I get waxed?

As a general rule, we recommend waxing every 4-6 weeks, as this allows enough time for your hair to reach the length needed before being removed. However, everyone’s hair growth rate is different, so some people may find that they need to make their appointments closer together, which is totally normal!

What are the benefits of face waxing?

Face waxing leaves your skin silky and smooth for 2-3 weeks! By removing thick, stubborn growth and all the fine vellus hairs, it makes the perfect blank canvas for makeup. Waxing also removes all hairs from the root, causing the hair follicles to weaken over time, which eventually leads to less growth!  Facial waxing also assists in the absorption of skincare, as no product is left on the surface surrounding the hairs.

Read more about our face waxing services.

Can I leave my underwear on during my bikini wax?

Yes, you can, but you will need to work with your Beauty Therapist during your treatment to support the skin and remove all unwanted hair. We offer a disposable G-string for all bikini and Brazilian waxing services for modesty and to help support the skin.