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Children’s Ear Piercing Marion

Marion Ear Piercing for Children

Parents can rely on Essential Beauty & Piercing for quick and safe children’s ear-piercing in Marion. From babies to young teens, our expert therapists will make the experience as painless and pleasant as possible. With an added gift to take home!

Our quick and sterile double operator system

Our salon in Oakland Park, Marion, is set up with a Double Operator System where two specialists pierce each ear at the same time so the ear piercing is done quickly and efficiently.

To ensure the most antiseptic piercing, we use a Contactless Sterilear System. Pre-packed sterilised hypoallergenic surgical steel earrings are all that touch your child’s ears, which is all you want.

Before and after getting pierced ears

When you make your appointment at Essential Beauty Marion, don’t forget to ask for double operators, so we can prepare properly. Consider bringing a treat or distraction in case your child gets nervous.

Once you get home, you need to spend a little time every day for a few weeks to prevent infection. You’ll need to use the Sterilear: Clean Piercing Spray 2 or 3 times a day for the first two weeks. Then for the next two weeks, you’ll only need to spray once or twice a day with Step 2. This prevents bacterial growth for a clean healing process.

We know it will be tempting, but you should avoid twisting or turning the earrings – that will delay the healing process. After about 4 to 6 weeks, you may be able to change the jewellery.

Visit Essential Beauty & Piercing Marion

Need some more info on ear piercing before you decide? Feel free to ask us or read more about children’s ear piercing. Ready to get your child’s ears pierced? Then contact our skilled ear piercing specialists at Essential Beauty & Piercing Marion.

Please note: Surcharges for public holidays & Sundays may apply at Essential Beauty & Piercing Marion.

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