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A Guide to Bridge Piercings: Pain, Jewellery, and More

Piercing Updated August 20, 2023

Essential Beauty are the experts in all thing’s piercings, including unique and specialist styles like bridge piercings! This unique piercing is trendy and visually striking. If you’ve been thinking about getting a bridge piercing soon, read on to understand expected pain levels, jewellery options, and compatibility with glasses.

What is a bridge piercing?

A bridge piercing is a type of body piercing that is located horizontally through the skin on the bridge of the nose. It is positioned between the eyes, in the small area of skin and tissue that connects the upper part of the nose. The piercing creates a striking and unique look, as it sits perpendicular to the natural lines of the nose and face.

Bridge Piercing: The Pain Factor

One of the first questions that may arise when considering a bridge piercing is the pain involved. Pain perception is subjective and varies from person to person, but it’s generally agreed upon that the bridge piercing can be quite intense due to its unique location. The bridge piercing is placed horizontally through the skin on the bridge of the nose, typically positioned between the eyes.

The sensation of pain during the piercing process can vary depending on factors such as individual pain tolerance, the skill of the piercer, and the specific technique used. It’s essential to remember that the initial discomfort is short-lived. Many individuals report that the anticipation of pain is often more nerve-wracking than the actual piercing itself. If you’re considering a bridge piercing, be prepared for a sharp pinch that will quickly fade and will all be worth it.

Bridge Piercing Jewellery: Style and Material Choices

Once you’ve braved the piercing process, the next exciting step is selecting the right jewellery to style your new bridge piercing. The choices are varied and can help you personalise your look according to your style and comfort.

When it comes to bridge piercing jewellery, curved barbells are a popular choice due to their shape, which comfortably hugs the contours of the nose bridge. These barbells are in a variety of materials, including surgical steel, titanium, and even bio-compatible options. All jewellery from Essential Beauty is hypoallergenic and are the best options for your bridge’s healing process.

Bridge Piercings and Glasses: A Compatibility Guide

For individuals who wear glasses, you may be wondering about the compatibility of bridge piercings with eyewear. The good news is that with proper care and some minor adjustments, you can certainly wear glasses without causing harm to your freshly pierced bridge.

During the healing process, it’s important to be cautious with glasses to avoid unnecessary pressure on the piercing site. Choosing lightweight frames can help reduce discomfort and minimize the risk of irritation. If possible, consider wearing contact lenses during the initial healing period, allowing the piercing to settle without any additional pressure.

Once the piercing has healed, you can continue wearing glasses comfortably. However, it’s wise to make a few adjustments. Choose frames that sit higher on the nose, avoiding direct contact with the piercing. Additionally, cleaning your glasses regularly with an alcohol-free solution can prevent bacteria buildup and potential infections.


Bridge piercings offer a unique and captivating way to express your individuality, but they also require careful consideration and aftercare. The initial pain may be sharp, but the results are always well worth it. With a wide array of jewellery options and the ability to wear glasses after healing, bridge piercings can seamlessly integrate into your personal style.

Are you ready to get your bridge pierced? Look no further than your local Essential Beauty salon! Book online or give them a call to secure your appointment. We can’t wait to see you and create the look you’ve been after.

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