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Break Up with Your Razor this Valentine’s Day

Waxing Updated February 9, 2023
Still in a relationship with your shaver? You could do so much better!
Valentine’s Day is all about spreading the love, that’s why it’s time to cut toxic hair removal methods out of your life for good
! If you want silky smooth skin for longer, and skin that loves you – make the move to waxing at an Essential Beauty salon near you.
If you’re new to Essential Beauty, you might not have heard about the shaving effect – don’t worry we’re happy to fill you in! If you have previously shaved (this includes epilators or used hair removal creams) it might take up to 4–6 regular waxes for your hair growth cycle to be in sync. When you shave, hairs all over your body are going through cycles of growth, resting and shedding. A regular waxing routine will remove hairs during the growing phase. This means silky smooth skin, and what more could you want! We have a whole blog that details the shaving effect here, we highly recommend you check it out to learn more!
break up with your razor HAIR CYCLE

Waxing > Shaving

Waxing is superior to shaving for so many reasons, here are a few of our favourites:
  • Less regrowth
    Silky smooth skin for longer! Shaving cuts the hair close to skin level, with hair living below the surface to grow out and be seen in a few days. When you keep consistent with waxing, you will wax hairs as they grow out from the dormant stage. This means your skin will be smoother for far longer, often for up to 4 weeks at a time.
  • Finer Regrowth
    When hair grows after shaving, the hair has a blunt edge – this is why regrowth after shaving gives a prickly and stubble-like feeling. Waxing removes hair at the follicle, when the hair is regenerated, it grows as it is meant to, with a tapered edge. Hairs feel and will be softer and finer.
    Break Up with Your Razor - Less Regrowth
  • No more shaving rash
    No one likes shaving rash, and what’s the best way to stop the rash for good? Breaking up with your shaver of course! Shaving rash is inflammation of the skin, caused by irritation. With waxing you won’t have to remove your hair as often, allowing the skin to calm down quickly and avoid irritation!
    Say No to Shaving Rash
  • Say goodbye to itching
    When it’s shaving day, there’s nothing worse than knowing you’ll get the dreaded itch afterwards! It feels like as the post-shave itch end, the regrowth itch begins! With waxing, you will be able to say goodbye to itching for good.
    No more shaving itch
  • Better for the environment
    If you’re shaving, odds are you are either using disposable razors or are having to regularly swap out your shaver’s heads. With waxing, you won’t need to repurchase razors or heads that go straight in the bin. That’s a win if you ask me!
    Waxing is Better for the Environment
Okay, so who’s with us? I’m making a pact to break up with my shaver for good this Valentine’s Day. Give yourself, and your skin, some love and make the choice to wax.
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