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Can I get pierced with invisible jewellery from the start?

Piercing Updated October 26, 2020

Many people want to experience that rebel feeling with body piercing but are often precluded from doing so because of their school or work commitments. Need to hide your piercings? Choose invisible or clear jewellery like Bioplast.

For almost every type of piercing, you can initially put in a clear or invisible stud to begin with. This is called Bioplast or Bioflex (a biologically inert material which will not react with your body). Bioplast is great for concealing piercings as well as healing (especially for people with sensitive skin or allergies).

We have Bioplast and Bioflex jewellery which come with clear attachments. All that is seen is generally the clear plastic when up close.

If you like, they also come with jewelled ends and attachments like Swarovski crystals and coloured balls if you want to change up your style!

Bioplast can be the perfect solution for your school or work problem and reputable salons and piercers like Essential Beauty stock Bioplast and Bioflex. So, what actually is Bioplast?

Bioplast is a trademarked medical grade plastic that is biocompatible, flexible and optimal for healing your piercings as it contains no nickel. Bioplast can be autoclaved, meaning you can get your initial piercing with it.  Bioplast is not visible in X-Rays and can be worn during surgeries if used on its own without metal attachments (also called piercing retainers). Bioplast is clear and virtually invisible, making it a popular choice for high school students or for those with workplace restrictions on piercings.

If you prefer to get pierced with Bioplast, please contact your local salon prior to your appointment to confirm the availability of the product you need.


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