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Dermal Piercings at Essential Beauty

Piercing Updated August 24, 2023

At Essential Beauty, we love all things piercing, including dermals! If you’re considering enhancing yourself with a dermal or skin diver, continue reading as we dive into what dermal piercings are, the popular positions for these piercings, the pain level involved, and how to properly remove them. It is important to note not all Essential Beauty salons offer this service.

What Are Dermal Piercings?

Dermal piercings, also known as dermal anchors or skin diver piercings, are a form of body modification where a small, flat base or plate is implanted beneath the skin, with a decorative piece attached above the surface. Unlike traditional piercings that pass through the skin and tissue, dermal piercings are anchored within the skin, allowing for unique placements that aren’t restricted to areas with sufficient tissue thickness.

Popular Positions for Dermal Piercings

Dermal piercings offer a wide array of creative possibilities when it comes to placement. While they can be positioned almost anywhere on the body, certain locations have gained popularity for their visual impact and versatility.

  1. Collarbone: Dermal piercings along the collarbone offer an elegant and unique touch, accentuating the natural lines of the body.
  2. Cheek: Cheek dermal piercings create a bold and edgy look, providing a striking focal point on the face.
  3. Sternum: Sternum dermal piercings offer a delicate yet captivating way to adorn the chest, adding a touch of allure.
  4. Ear: Ear dermal piercings allow for innovative placements beyond traditional earlobe piercings, enhancing your ear’s aesthetics.
  5. Wrist: Wrist dermals offer a subtle and artistic way to accessorize, allowing you to showcase your style in an unexpected area.
  6. Back of Neck: Neck dermal piercings create an eye-catching and daring statement, adding an element of intrigue to your appearance.

Dermal Piercing Locations & Styles

Pain Levels and Dermal Removal

Pain perception varies from person to person, but it’s important to note that dermal piercings tend to be less painful than some traditional piercings due to their relatively quick procedure and minimal tissue displacement. The initial sensation is often described as a brief, sharp pinch followed by a dull ache. The pain subsides shortly after the piercing is complete.

When it comes to dermal removal, it’s crucial to seek professional assistance. Unlike traditional piercings, which can be taken out with relative ease, dermal anchors are implanted beneath the skin’s surface. Attempting to remove them without proper training and tools can lead to complications, scarring, and infections. A skilled piercer will use sterilized instruments to carefully remove the anchor while minimizing tissue damage. If you’re looking for a professional piercer, you know you can trust the experts at Essential Beauty. It is important to note not all Essential Beauty salons offer this service.

Dermal Piercing Pain Levels

Finding Dermal Piercing Experts Near You

If you’re captivated by the allure of dermal piercings and searching for a reputable place to get one Essential Beauty is the perfect place for you! Essential Beauty prioritises hygiene, professionalism, and customer satisfaction. Give Essential Beauty a call for this specialist service, to find a “dermal piercing near me“. It is important to note not all Essential Beauty salons offer this service.

Finding Dermal Piercers Near You

Dermal piercings have become a captivating way to express individuality. From face dermal piercings to back dermals, these placements offer a canvas for creative self-expression. While pain levels are manageable and removal should be entrusted to professionals, the overall experience of having a dermal piercing can be exciting and rewarding. When seeking to embark on this journey, give Essential Beauty a call to book in for this specialist service. It is important to note not all Essential Beauty salons offer this service, we always recommend calling to check.

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