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Getting re-pierced? Here’s what to consider

Piercing Updated October 26, 2020

Are you considering getting your ears re-pierced, nose re-pierced, nipple re-pierced or any other part of your body?

Are you concerned about scar tissue or infection?

For many people, having part of their body re-pierced can be quite stressful. You may have had old piercings close due to:

  • Healing issues or illness
  • Surgery or pregnancy
  • Migration or rejection of the piercing
  • Dress standards at your work or school
  • Sports got in the way
  • Change in fashion
  • Weight loss

It is critical to make sure you visit a trained and reputable piercer to handle the process safely. Here’s what you need to know if your piercing has closed and you want it pierced again:


Re-piercing procedure:

Before any re-piercing procedure, you must make sure that the area is fully healed and able to be re-pierced. In most cases, this means waiting at least three months. However, it does depend on the area. If you are unsure that your piercing is closed, check in with one of our Piercing Specialists in salon.

For example, noses and other mucous membranes such as the tongue and other oral piercings heal very fast and so this timeframe is a guide only. At the same time, you may be able to choose a slightly different location near the original location to get pierced.

Some piercing establishments are of the opinion that you cannot get re-pierced in the same location. This is not true. Scar tissue (fibrosis) which has formed as a result of your piercing being removed, is quite dense. Also, it is often just the entry and exit points which have healed over.

As a result, getting re-pierced in the same location can be a good location for a piercing to be re-established. This is because the dense tissue will support the piercing and be less prone to infection. It does depend on the way your piercing has healed, and the type of scar tissue. It is always best to consult with a professional.


What about the pain?

Many people say getting re-pierced is less painful than the first time. Remember fleshy areas such as the lobes are less painful than areas with thicker cartilage like the helix.


What about healing?

Getting repierced does not necessarily mean the piercing will heal faster. We always recommend downsizing your jewellery after 6-12 weeks*, however to completely heal any piercing may take up to 24 months.

*Please note: these times are general and healing varies for the individual. If you are unsure, visit our Piercing Experts to consult and advise.


Can I use the same jewellery?

We strictly pierce with autoclave sterilised jewellery; this is why we can’t pierce you with jewellery you already own and bring in. It is also impossible for us to determine the quality of the materials used in the jewellery and may not be safe for initial piercings. Once your piercing has fully healed, you will be able to change over your jewellery and change up  your style!

All Essential Beauty piercing prices include high polish implant grade surgical steel jewellery from our standard design range. Our surgical steel jewellery is hypoallergenic and great for initial piercings and healing.


Do I need a booking?

We welcome walk in appointments, but if you want to secure your appointment and avoid waiting, we recommend you book your ear and body piercings online.

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