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How to Prepare Your Skin for Leg Waxing

Waxing Updated April 22, 2021

Do you want silky smooth legs? Shaving is definitely not the way to go! Say goodbye to shaving for good, and get your legs waxed at Essential Beauty! When you wax regularly, your legs will remain hair free for much longer and hair will not grow back sharp and prickly.

There are a few ways to prepare your skin and hair follicles for your leg wax to get the absolute best results, let’s go through our top waxing preparation tips! 

Exfoliate your legs regularly leading up to your leg waxing appointment.

Exfoliation removes dead skin and lifts any ingrown hairs and any bumps on the skin. Exfoliating will also help prevent any ingrown hairs from forming after waxing. Exfoliate 2 times a week in the shower to keep your skin clean and glowing. But, beware of over-exfoliating, as it is possible to aggravate any existing ingrown hairs and irritate the skin causing it to become thick and dry.

Choose an exfoliating scrub with finely milled grains or beads, never use a coarse scrub, although it might feel like it’s working wonders, course scrubs can damage and irritate the skin. A loofah, washcloth or exfoliating mitts coupled with a rich and moisturising body wash are good options too!

We also recommend that you exfoliate your legs 24-48 hours before your waxing appointment to remove any dead skin, but don’t exfoliate too close to your appointment as you can irritate your skin.

Looking for the perfect exfoliator? Look no further than Prep Exfoliating Body Scrub & Mask from our very own Essential Beauty Skin range. Prep has been formulated by Australia’s waxing experts to detoxify and hydrate skin at the same time. Apply before showering. Scrub in circular motions, focusing on dry areas. Leave on for 60 seconds before rinsing off in the shower. Use 2-3 times a week.

Moisturise your skin daily leading up to your leg wax.

Using a good moisturiser every day will ensure that your skin stays soft, supple and healthy! Dehydrated skin can lead to clogged pores and dry, brittle hairs that are prone to snapping. Keep the skin on your legs and hair follicles supple and your hairs will easily glide out with your wax for great results. We recommend applying a rich moisturiser to your whole body every time you step out of the shower!

Don’t use any lotions or moisturisers on the day of your wax though as this will interfere with your results.

Essential Beauty Skin have formulated the very best body moisturiser for our pre and post waxing care. Nourish Body Moisturiser is your skin’s new best friend. Supple, hydrated and hair minimising skin!

woman putting moisturiser on after leg waxing

How long should hair be before waxing?

Hairs should be about ½ a centimetre long (about the length of a grain of rice) before waxing. Do not shave before your appointment. Hair that is shorter than ½ a centimetre will be more difficult to wax since the wax won’t grab it properly to pull it out. If you have shaved in between waxing appointments or if you are getting your legs waxed for the first time, your legs can still feel prickly to the touch after your first few times waxing (they will still look great!). This is due to what we call the Shaving Effect. It will take up to 4 – 6 regular waxes for your hair growth cycle to be fully in sync. This is because hairs all over your body are constantly going through cycles of growth, resting and shedding, read our Shaving Effect blog to find out more about how shaving can interfere with your waxing results.

How to prepare for a leg wax on the day of your appointment.

On the day of your appointment, do not apply any moisturiser after your shower and ensure your legs are free of any perfumes, lotions or oils as they can interfere with your results. Wear loose clothing to your appointment. Tight skinny jeans or tights can irritate your freshly waxed legs!

Take care for your legs by forming a regular waxing routine.

Stay in loose, comfortable clothing for the rest of the day after waxing to avoid irritation caused by rubbing. Avoid hot showers, saunas, swimming, strenuous exercise or lying in the sun for at least 24 hours after your wax. Your freshly waxed legs need to rest from any irritation. If you experience any irritation and looking for a way to soothe skin and protect your skin’s barrier – give our Soothe Hydrating & Cooling Serum a go! It’s the perfect serum to use on the face and body, after wax or any hair removal treatment.

1 – 2 days after your wax, resume your regular daily moisturising routine. We recommend using Ingrostopper after all waxing to soften the hair follicle and help prevent ingrown hairs. You may resume your exfoliation routine a week after waxing.

Do not neglect your leg waxing routine. For best results, wax every 3 – 6 weeks, depending on your hair growth rate and personal preference! Don’t even think of touching your beautiful waxed legs with a razor! If you choose waxing as your hair removal, you need to stay committed in order to gain the benefits of waxing.

What are you waiting for, go find your razor and throw it away! It’s time to book your leg wax at an Essential Beauty salon near you! Book a full leg, lower half leg, upper half leg or ¾ leg wax today – it’s your wax, your way!

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