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How young is too young to have laser or IPL hair reduction treatments?

Laser Updated October 26, 2020

The correct question to ask is more like ‘Why are you wanting IPL or Laser Permanent Hair Reduction treatments?’. Dermatologic surgeons in the US highlight the fact that the benefits of IPL or Laser Hair Reduction treatments are the same for younger people as they are for adults. The crux of this debate lies in the maturity level of the young person and client. Very importantly, this must be something the young person or teenager wants for themselves.

A client can be as young as 12 years old, as long as he or she has the maturity to understand the process and what is expected of the procedure plus aftercare. Dermatologists and salons will offer such treatments to the minor so long as there is parental consent. The question then becomes WHY? What is the reason behind wanting permanent hair reduction treatments in the first place?

Ordinarily, a lot of younger clients come to us because they are teased in school and such hair raising issues may be causing a lot of distress. We recommend booking a consultation with a professional before proceeding with IPL or Laser. In some cases, waxing might be the better option for hair removal.

There is no minimum age to start Laser, IPL or waxing treatments as long as there is hair growth in the first place. However, we recommend starting permanent hair reduction treatments post puberty because hormonal changes during this time can affect and stimulate hair growth. If you are unsure, please consult your parent, guardian or physician. Waxing can be a great option at any age!

Keep in mind that multiple treatments are required for effective hair reduction. Most clients will require between 6 to 8 treatments to reduce most of their unwanted hair. Other factors such as skin type and hair colour also have an impact on the number of treatments required to see results.

Book a free consultation and patch test to discuss your treatment plan with one of our qualified Beauty Therapists in salon.

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