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Maintain Your Body Hair, Your Way!

Updated July 21, 2023

In the past two decades body hair has fast become a taboo for women.

Waxed, shaved, trimmed, left alone out of existence, shaped or even Vajazzled, we are both fascinated by what women do and don’t do with their hair “down there”. We even have countries named after this popular service…enter Brazil!

The empirical, sociological and historical research has revealed that women have been removing body hair for centuries and this has only escalated since the beginning of the 20th Century.

Everyone, it seems, has an opinion about pubic hair – and it’s always what someone else is doing that is a little weird.

So, when did the hair at the high tide line become more shocking than a nipple slip? Well according to this recent article, in…pubic hair is making a comeback.

For many, removal is because they consider it unattractive but otherwise ”natural.”

But do women with body hair evoke disgust?

A study incorporating stories were collected from 161 undergraduate students (129 were women and 32 were men) about “David” who had decided to start removing body hair. Separately, there was Jane, who had decided to stop removing body hair.

The study analysed the data thematically within a constructionist framework, resulting in three different themes namely:

  • Secrecy and shame
  • The personal benefits of going against the grain and
  • The personal benefits theme

You can read this full study (and other studies) here.

At Essential Beauty, we believe it is all about you and your choice. Fashion and modes changes.

We believe in maintaining the hair down there whether it is a Full Brazilian Wax, Brazilian Wax – Your Way or a tidy up through regular Bikini or G-String waxing. That way, when Fashions change, you can change with them, and you are not locked in.

What can be better than having the option to choose?

Since 1990 Essential Beauty has performed over 1.5 million bikini line waxes for people of all shapes and sizes and all walks of life!

Book in today to discuss your needs with our fully trained staff.

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