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Male Piercing Guide

Piercing Updated January 15, 2022

Essential Beauty pierces everyone, no matter how you identify! A lot of people ask us, do you pierce males? Of course, we do! We stock a huge range of earrings and jewellery that are popular in men’s fashion. We offer a safe and clean environment, with highly trained piercers – so you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands!


The top 5 piercings that are most popular for men

    1. Ear Lobe Piercing: It is popular for men to either get one or both of their ear lobes pierced. The question that many men ask is “which ear do I choose, left or right?” We say, choose the side you sleep on less or choose your ‘ better-looking side’! An ear piercing has nothing to do with your sexual orientation, that is a very old misconception! The jewellery options for lobe piercings are endless, we love rings, cross dangles and chains, huggies or black plug earrings for men.
    2. Helix Piercing: The helix is located on the cartilage at the top of your ear. You can be pierced with a flat back labret stud or a hoop earring. A popular choice for men is a black or titanium (silver colour) ring.
    3. Nose Piercing: Nose piercings are very on trend in 2022! There are many types of jewellery to choose from with a nose piercing. We recommend a flat back stud as they are more secure than regular nose studs, or a nose ring.
    4. Tragus Piercing: The tragus is located on that little flap part of the ear near your cheek – that little thing that keeps your headphones from falling out! This piercing looks cool with a small crystal stud or a black ball labret.
    5. Nipple Piercing: We know what you’re thinking… ouch! Don’t worry, the piercing itself is over before you know it! Piercing the nipple can increase sensitivity, and some men do get pierced for this reason. For others, it is just simply a fashion statement!mans chest with double nipple piercings

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