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Nipple Piercing FAQs: Your complete guide!

Piercing Updated April 21, 2021

Have you been thinking about getting your nipples pierced? Getting a new piercing can spark a lot of questions, here are our most frequently asked questions about nipple piercings!

How old do I need to be to get a nipple piercing?

In most parts of Australia, you must be over the age of 18 to get your nipples pierced as this type of piercing is considered to be an intimate piercing. You must also sign a consent form (no matter how old you are) and present your Photo Identification on the day of the piercing.

New South Wales is the only exception, in NSW you can get your nipples pierced if you are over 16 and provide Photo Identification.

Do nipple piercings hurt?

Pain can be a concern when considering getting your nipples pierced, especially as nipples are such a sensitive area of the body. For females, there are certain times in your menstrual cycle where your nipples will be more sensitive and susceptible to pain, so keep that in mind when booking your piercing. The piercing of the nipple is over in a matter of seconds – it’s nothing you can’t handle! Everyone is different and if you are in tune with your body you can pick a time when you are feeling less sensitive. Your piercer will help you to relax, breathe and think about how much you will love your new nipple piercings!

You can expect your nipples to be a bit tender for the first few days after your piercing. As long as you’re practising proper aftercare and being careful when showering and removing clothing, the overall sensation afterwards is positive, most clients report positive and enhanced sensation in their nipples after piercing.

woman with nipple piercing showing under her shirt

What if I’m embarrassed?

Feeling a bit shy about exposing your nipples to a stranger? That is completely normal! Try to remember that your piercer is a professional, our staff have seen thousands of nipples of all shapes and sizes. Your piercer will do everything they can to make you feel as comfortable as possible throughout the experience.

Should I wear a bra when getting my nipple pierced?

A little bit of bleeding and discharge directly after and during the healing process is normal. We recommend placing a breathable Band-Aid on the area directly afterwards to prevent bras or clothing from sticking to your piercing.  For women, wearing a bra will actually feel more comfortable, and you might even want to sleep with a sports bra or crop top as there will be less friction. Make sure you wear a bra made of breathable fabric to keep the piercing dry. For men, try not to wear tight fitting shirts unless you wear a Band-Aid over the piercing. Once healthy scabbing forms at the piercing site, stop wearing your Band-Aid but make sure to wash your bras and clothing frequently as well as using Sterilear Piercing Aftercare Spray to eliminate the chances of infection.

woman with double nipple piercings showing through her bra

Can you pierce inverted nipples?

If your nipples are inverted or flat, or if you have implants, we would recommend calling your local salon to schedule a piercing consultation if you are not sure if you can have your nipples pierced. We pierce nipples of all shapes and sizes!

If you are getting a double nipple piercing, your piercer will help you consider the correct position for your jewellery based on how your each of your nipples and breasts differ from one another. It is normal to have different sized breasts and nipples, for example, one nipple may sit higher on one breast. Your piercer will work with you and do their best to create piercings that are as symmetrical as possible.

How long do nipple piercings take to heal?

You never notice how much rubbing and squishing your nipples undergo every day until you have them pierced! Healing takes approximately 4-6 months and will be dependent on how well you look after them, you will be able to remove your jewellery for a short amount of time at this point, which will most likely be to change out your jewellery. You must keep some form of jewellery in the piercing for up to 12 months or even longer to allow a proper channel of the outer skin to be formed. Healing is a very individual process, it is best practice to keep some form of jewellery in piercings at all times to prevent them from closing.

How do I look after my nipple piercing?

  • Do not rotate or play with your jewellery or touch your piercings.
  • Do not pick any crust off your piercing – If you remove nature’s protective scab, bacteria may enter the piercing which leads to infection.
  • Avoid swimming for the first two weeks after a piercing.
  • Avoid using personal care products on or around the piercing including makeup, body lotion and perfumes. We do not recommend using the following products or ingredients on piercings either: Dettol, Betadine, hydrogen peroxide, disinfectants, soaps, tea tree oil and alcohol to clean your piercing. These products can overly dry out, irritate and burn the pierced area.
  • Use our 2 Step Sterilear Piercing Spray system to keep your nipple piercings clean and free of any bacteria and promote quick healing.
  • Keep your sheets, bras and clothing clean. Bacteria can be transferred from bedding and get inside your fresh piercings. Change sheets frequently to prevent any problems.
  • Avoid unnecessary trauma to your piercing such as friction from clothing, towels, loofahs, excessive motion of the area, knocking, and over cleaning.

Will my nipples stay hard after piercing?

You might have heard that your nipples can become permanently erect after a nipple piercing but this doesn’t always happen. If you have flat or inverted nipples, piercing them can help push them out a little bit, but that doesn’t mean they will always stand erect, everyone is different.

Can you breastfeed with nipple piercings?

It is unlikely that nipple piercing will cause problems with breastfeeding. If you’re pregnant, you’ll have to decide what works best for you: removing the nipple jewellery altogether for the duration of your pregnancy and breastfeeding or removing jewellery only for feeding sessions.

If you leave your jewellery out for prolonged periods of time, your piercing may close. It can be dependent on how long the piercing was established prior to removing the jewellery and how your own body’s repair system works. You’d simply re-pierce when you’re ready, as long as at least six weeks have passed since you last breastfed. For many mothers, this is the simplest and most popular choice.

Will a piercing make my nipple more sensitive?

Most people say that piercing makes their nipples more sensitive, particularly when the nipples become erect. Friction from the jewellery around the nipple can cause more of a sensation. Clothing also contributes to overall sensation plus nipple piercings look sexy under a t-shirt, lace bra or shirt.

Of course, you have to live with the fact that your nipples will be out of action while they heal. Tell your partner to keep their hands and mouth off for at least 4 months. Germs and bacteria can enter the piercing, cause a painful infection and prolong healing.

mans chest with double nipple piercings

Should you get your nipples pierced?

Yes, yes and yes! Our clients love their nipple piercings and the whole piercing journey is worth it in the end! Nipple piercings are one of our most popular services, especially double nipple. Nipple piercings are a cute, sexy and fashionable way to add something different to your piercing collection. If you have more questions about getting your nipples pierced call or visit your local salon to discuss with one of our experienced body piercers.

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