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What is the difference between strip wax and hot wax?

Waxing Updated October 26, 2020
What is hot wax?

Some hot waxes can vary quite a lot depending on the quality of the wax. In fact, some hot waxes can be very ineffective resulting in both hair and wax being left behind. At Essential Beauty, we’ve developed a unique hot wax formula made to be gentle on the skin – our Sensitive Hot Wax. It applies in a thin film (which is different to traditional hot wax), adhering to hairs you can see, and fine vellus hairs you can’t see! It has the grip on hair of strip wax but is made to be gentle on the skin and can help reduce redness and skin breakouts.

What is strip wax?

Strip wax is a very fast and effective method of waxing. Strip wax can remove short and stubborn hairs quickly and effectively, it is a much faster when compared to hot wax. Our strip wax also contains minerals to help soothe and calm the skin, to assist in rapid recovery. As strip wax is so fast, it is more effective on large areas of the body such as legs, arms and back.

If strip wax is so fast and effective, why choose sensitive hot wax?
  • If you usually break out after a wax.
  • If you go quite red and spotty after a wax.
  • If you have sensitive skin.
  • If you are prone to skin lift.
  • If you prefer a gentler bikini, Brazilian, face or eyebrow waxing experience.
What hurts more strip wax or hot wax?

Hot wax is good for strong hair in sensitive areas, such as the bikini as the wax only grips the hairs and not the skin underneath. Many of our clients choose Sensitive Hot Wax for bikini or Brazilian waxing. Sensitive Hot Wax is also popular for underarms and areas of the face and eyebrows. It is generally not used for large areas of the body such as legs, arms and back.

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