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The BEST Waxing Aftercare

Waxing Updated February 28, 2023

Waxing is our favourite hair removal method at Essential Beauty, and we know how important it is to treat your skin with the best products before and after your treatment. We have taken the time, and knowledge to develop the ultimate waxing body care routine with our Essential Beauty Skin range! Learn more about our fantastic products below, and how to develop the essential routine to get the most out of your wax.

Prep Exfoliating Body Scrub & Mask

The perfect product to prepare for your wax! It is important to prep your skin 48-24 hours beforehand (any closer to your appointment may interfere with your results). We recommend regularly exfoliating skin after waxing to keep skin smooth and soft. Please wait at least 5 days post wax to exfoliate, as your skin may be sensitive. Waxing also gently exfoliates your skin, another great benefit!
Our unique blend of kaolin and bentonite clay facilitates detoxification, while shea butter and jojoba oil helps to repair and hydrate the skin.

Nourish Body Moisturiser with Hair Growth Minimiser

Nourish your body with our fantastic moisturiser! This is perfect to hydrate your body 1-2 days after waxing. We recommend upkeeping a regular moisturising routine to get the most out of your wax. Moisturising your skin will prevent hairs from snapping and keep your skin nourished and fresh. Stop your moisturising routine 24-48 hours before your next appointment, to avoid any interference with your results.
Continued use of Nourish after waxing services will gradually refine the density of hairs. Papaya extract helps to weaken the hair follicle, slowing regrowth in between waxing appointments. Cica and shea butter improve the skin’s collagen production leaving the skin smooth and nourished. Well hydrated skin helps to improve hair breakage leaving smoother waxing results for future appointments!

Soothe Hydrating & Cooling Serum

Soothe your skin post wax, IPL or laser service with our specially formulated hydrating and cooling serum, perfect for both the face and body. Use liberally on your body to relieve irritations and inflammation with miracle ingredients. Great for use as a daily face serum for oily and acne prone skin types.
Soothe is best used on the face and body post wax to soothe sensitive skin. You can continue using Soothe every evening until your next wax appointment, it is the perfect oil-free moisturiser for anyone that breaks out after a wax or has acne-prone skin. Green tea and aloe vera reduce redness and inflammation, and the high-water content in cucumber keeps the skin hydrated.

Glow Radiant Oil

Enhance your post wax glow! We have developed the perfect body oil for hydrated, radiant skin. Our Glow Radiant Oil can be used a few times a week, but important to wait 2-3 days after your wax to apply. Before your wax, avoid applying to your skin 24 hours before your appointment.
This beautiful oil gives the skin a subtle sparkle and radiance, it’s a perfect addition for all our tan clients. Vitamin E and jojoba oil give the skin the extra protection and regeneration against the harsh summer sun.

  • Prep Exfoliating Body Scrub & Mask

All products are available to purchase online and in selected salons. Be sure to ask your Beauty Therapist next wax to learn more. It’s time to give your skin the treatment it deserves!

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