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Waxing terminologies for the first time waxer

Waxing Updated October 26, 2020

Here are some of the common waxing terms and what they mean. So, if you are walking in to a salon to get a wax for the first time, here is all of the confusing salon lingo explained!

When it comes to hair removal on the bikini area, it’s easy to get confused by all the different bikini wax styles out there! But don’t worry, because we’ve made things a lot simpler, so next time you head to the salon you know exactly what to ask for and what you’re getting!

Bikini wax styles to choose from:

At Essential Beauty salons we believe in ‘your wax, your way’! Our waxing services can be tailored to suit your personal preference. We have five styles of pubic hair removal to choose from.

X Bikini: A bikini line tidy-up. The sides are waxed, including where pubic hair is visible when wearing bikini brief style underwear.

X + G String Bikini: Includes the areas waxed in an X Bikini, plus a little more. Includes the areas visible when wearing g-string style underwear. *Does not include labia or in between the bottom.

XX Bikini: All pubic hair is waxed from the sides, labia, in between the bottom and most of the pubic bone, only leaving a small rectangle (commonly called a landing strip) or triangle shape on the pubic bone.

XXX Brazilian Bikini: No hair, completely bare! All hair is removed from the pubic area, including the sides, pubic bone, the labia and in-between the bottom. The XXX Brazilian wax is Essential Beauty’s most popular bikini wax service.

Spot Wax Bikini: For those little bits of hair your laser treatments may not have been able to remove, or if you just need in between the bum cheeks waxed! It’s your wax, your way!

Read more about our bikini waxing services here

What about different types of wax?

Strip Wax: Our fast and effective strip wax is great for larger areas of the body and removes short and stubborn hairs quickly and easily! Our strip wax contains minerals to help soothe and calm the skin, to assist in rapid skin recovery.

Sensitive Hot Wax: We’ve created a unique wax formula used for sensitive skin or sensitive areas of the body such as the bikini area or face, without compromising on efficiency!

Our Sensitive Hot Wax applies in a thin film, adhering to hairs you can see, and fine vellus hairs you can’t see! It has the grip of strip wax but is made to be gentle on the skin and can help reduce redness and skin breakouts. Our Sensitive Hot Wax is vegan and cruelty free.

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