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Children’s Ear Piercing Done Right

Children’s and baby ear piercing is an exciting time, but it can also be stressful.

My 9 year old had no interest in ear piercing until everyone in her class started getting them done. It was the lunch time hype for months!

Suddenly my “chicken” child that had issues with anything to do with pain, transformed into a goddess that could triumph over pain. I told her it hurt (because I wanted to put her off) but somehow pain was not an issue any more. Actually it doesn’t hurt at all and as soon as they see their earlobes adorned with a sparkling jewel, any discomfort is replaced with excitement and joy.

Home care is so simple, and at 9 years of age they can do it themselves with a 2 step spray system. All that is involved is a quick spray with Sterilear Ear and Body Piercing spray on the front and the back of the earlobe, two to three times a day.

My little girl started off by choosing her favourite colour earrings (April crystal). The beautician then put on gloves and wiped over the lobes with an alcohol wipe. They gave careful consideration to where the earrings will be placed.

They explained that for most people, one ear sits higher than the other and that the size of each lobe can differ.  Eventually we decided on a spot that both my child and I were happy with.

The earrings were then loaded onto the piercing gun directly from the packet.

After that it was ready, aim fire and smiles!

Having both lobes performed at the same time is the best option and this is what we went for. There is no bleeding and discomfort was very short lived as my little girl was handed a mirror, showing her beautiful new look.

I have a big girl now, she’s faced her fear and looks fabulous.

Three weeks down the track she knocked one ear and she also complained of itching which is all part of the healing process. I was told not to rub or scratch the earrings and to only turn the earrings when she was in the shower (once the ears have been softened).

Remind your child also not to touch her ears with dirty hands during the day and to use the Sterilear spray for up to 6 weeks as I did.

If they play a sport (like netball) that requires earrings to be taken out, and your child’s ears have not yet healed, you can wrap the studs with a small band aid. I found the small round ones that are used for corns and blisters the best as they will not stick to the earring when you take them off. You still need to be careful when removing the band aid i.e. remove it slowly, making sure not to catch the jewellery.

Baby’s earlobes require the same care.

I was told never remove the studs for at least 6 months and that I could change them to sleepers after that time period.  Even after 6 months I was told not to leave the holes without jewellery for too long, as they will close over when children are young.

I hope you have found this informative.

It was a great experience and I feel helps little girls become young ladies!

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