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Everything you need to know about Babies and Children’s Ear Piercing!

Congratulations! The time has arrived when you or your child has decided… that it’s time to get their ears pierced!

This coming of age tradition and monumental step for your child needs careful consideration when it comes to who the provider will be in order to achieve maximum happiness for yourself and your

little one!

Firstly, there is a question of age.


How young can my child be to get their ears pierced?

Most establishments that offer baby and children’s ear piercing, do so from 6 weeks of age. However, up to 6 months is most recommended.


What kinds of jewellery is available?

There are varying types and styles of studs in terms of colour and that is completely an individual choice.

Given the size of your child’s ears, it is best to choose a “mini stud”. This will sit beautifully with your little one in terms of comfort.

When purchasing your jewellery, ensure the studs are sealed in packaging that has not been broken, which means they are sterile and safe for your child.


What’s the piercing process?

During the piercing process, the studs are pushed through using an ear-piercing tool. It is recommended that two operators at once undertake the procedure and reputable establishments offer this (this keeps piercing time to a minimum).

The process is quick, safe and hygienic and is best performed first thing in the morning when energy levels are high.

Promising your child a little something, post-treatment is highly recommended.

At Essential Beauty, we give all of our under 16’s Teddy… our Comfort Bear! Teddy makes sure that when his friends come in to get their ear pierced, that they are cooperative, positive, happy and relaxed during the procedure.


Teddy loves making new friends.

Come in to Essential Beauty today for your children’s ear piercings!

Your child will receive a FREE Teddy friend and mum (or dad) will take home a $10 gift voucher for use in salon!


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