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Eye creams to help ease sensitive eyes

Party night out with friends. That second glass of wine. Indulging in high-sodium comfort foods. Dehydration, lack of sleep and more can leave noticeable ‘under-eye-evidence’ of our occasional bad lifestyle choices. which can impact sensitive eyes.

In fact, it can make you look significantly older as the eye area is extremely dry and loses moisture quicker than the rest of our skin.

Concealer can only hide so much. With a little extra care, we can actively prevent and restore damage to this delicate area, rather than having to cover up the problem. A cooling tea bag or the back of a refrigerated tablespoon was once a little beauty trick found in lifestyle magazines to help depuff and calm the area. Is this the answer?

We have something better to suggest!

If you are experiencing fine or mimic lines, wrinkles, puffiness or dark circles, it is time to invest in the most delicate skin found on your body. Often viewed as a luxury, a high-quality eye cream deserves to be a staple in everyone’s daily skin care regimen as it comes with an array of benefits.

It will increase elasticity and hydration and protect your skin from premature ageing. You may think that a regular moisturizer will do the job just as good. However, an eye cream is much more targeted and a less irritating choice. It can also help prevent fluid build-up leading to puffiness and those unwanted bags under your eyes.

So, what type of falsies should you get?

Dark circles are often the result of congested capillaries. As mentioned earlier, the eye area is known to be extremely delicate, thin and less dense when compared to other areas and is much more affected by fine lines and wrinkles.

Early signs of ageing will first appear around this delicate area before becoming visible on other parts of your body.

Of course, no cream can completely stop or reverse the signs of ageing. However, using an eye cream or gel can truly make a noticeable difference and will visibly tighten and smooth out the contours of your eye area.

The reason why lies in the formulation and the differences in potency when comparing regular moisturizers to eye creams or gels.

Giving your eye area an extra portion of proactive care and attention with a high-quality eye cream or gel can help achieve optimal benefits and offer targeted results you would not be able to achieve with a standard moisturizer.

Whether your skin is normal, sensitive or demanding, it is best to be cautious and invest in a high-quality eye gel or cream is your safest choice.

Adding light and non-greasy sunscreen during summer can also help with premature ageing.

Prevention and maintenance are no longer “maybe’s”, but rather necessities making an eye cream a valuable daily staple you do not want to miss in your skincare routine. It is never too early or too late to start.

Kim Kardashian and other celebrities are addressing their concerns with their favourite eye creams.

Selena Gomez is also a celebrity advocate for using an eye cream. Her favourite eye gel comes with a cool tip metal applicator for extra cooling, depuffing and a decongesting effect in the style of the Dalton Instant Effect Eye Gel.

The cool tip can be kept in the fridge to boost the effect and the gel is quickly absorbed, non-sticky and provides intense moisture.


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