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Eyebrow waxing and the most beautiful girl in the world

Thylane Blondeau, the French model was crowned (again) the most beautiful girl in the world after taking out the title 11 years ago at just 6 years of age.

I couldn’t stop looking at Thylane’s eyebrows as a 6-year-old and thought to myself, Would I wax my daughter’s eyebrows at such a young age?”

At this point, I’d like to introduce the monobrow and the fact that my 6year old had an issue with hers (or the unibrow as it is sometimes called). It’s not unusual for parents to bring young daughters in for beauty procedures including waxing. If they are competing in cheerleading, dance or any other sports, they start to remove hair from legs and even apply spray tan at a very young age.

But the real question is, “At what age is it appropriate to introduce beauty procedures to your child?”

There is no simple answer to this. It is effective when the need arises, which is followed by discussion and acceptance by the child and the parent. Back to my hairy daughter, she also had hairy legs from the age of 5 and I really wanted to remove that hair before she started getting teased at school.

However, she never mentioned her hairy legs. It never bothered her and I certainly never told her. Then one day, after a discussion she had with her friends one lunchtime, she asked me what she could do if she wanted to remove the hair on her legs. She didn’t mention the eyebrows and neither did I.

She didn’t do anything for a few months after our initial conversation. She finally decided to go for a wax just before her 13th birthday. While we were there, she saw the photos of the great eyebrow shaping they did in the salon and she asked if she could get her eyebrows done too. So, we did!

In summary, if it is raised as an issue by the child, then act upon it. But if not, then let it be. Parents need to respect their child’s needs when it arises. My mother did not allow hair removal until I was much older (16!) and this led to a lot of frustration for me as a teenager.

So, if your daughter comes home at the age of 8 and complains about her eyebrows and it re-occurs causing her distress, then why not have a visit to the local beauty therapist?

If the issue does not get raised for some months later, then park it until such time that it is raised again. Your beauty therapist can help you in your discussions with your daughter when it comes to any type of hair removal.

Whether it’s eyebrows or legs bikinis or arms, your therapists can explain the difference between waxing, shaving, plucking or laser with the appropriate home care to ensure long-lasting, smooth hair free skin.

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