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Can I have my child’s ears pierced with the needle method?

If you would prefer the needle method of piercing for your child’s earlobes, this is a service selected Essential Beauty salons offer for an additional cost.

There are benefits to both piercing methods. Essential Beauty promotes our Sterilear Piercing System over needle piercing for young children and babies. This is because it is a faster method, creating an easier experience for your child’s first piercing. Our Sterilear system is contactless; sterilised jewellery is very quickly inserted into the ear lobe via our push through hand piece.

This is comparative to our needle piercing method. This method takes longer because the piercing needs to be done first, leaving a plastic sheath in the ear that the jewellery is then threaded through. Not all children and babies can sit still long enough for this to occur quickly.

The benefit to needle piercings is having the option of getting pierced with a ring put in from the start. Rings can promote faster healing and is also easier for parents to clean, some parents may have difficulty cleaning behind the large butterfly backings on their children’s earrings. Rings are also comfortable for babies and small children to sleep in as the jewellery does not have any obstructions.

Contact our Piercing Specialists today to discuss the best option for your child’s piercing (needle piercing for children is by appointment only, and only at selected salons).

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