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How many piercings can I get in one session?

It is not uncommon to have multiple piercings performed on the same day. We recommend not getting more than four piercings in one session, especially if you’re getting them on the same ear. Getting multiple piercings can also cause increased swelling during healing and can prolong healing time.

Be mindful of getting cartilage piercings on both ears at the same time, as it can be difficult to sleep. Handy tip: Sleeping on your back is ideal, but you can also use our Ear Piercing Pillow so that you can sleep on your side if you’re strictly a side-sleeper! See our TikTok below:

@essential_beauty Side sleeper and scared to get a new piercing? No worries! One of our favourote healing hacks is to use a travel pillow during the healing stage of your new piercing 👂🪡 #piercing #piercingaftercare #essentialbeauty #newpiercing #helixpiercing #traguspiercing #conchpiercing ♬ original sound – vorostwins


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