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How will shaving affect my next wax?

If you have been a regular shaver, it may take a few appointments for your hair growth cycle to be in sync. This is because the hairs all over our body are constantly going through cycles of growth, rest and shedding.

After youā€™ve shaved, the hairs in the growing phase will grow out long enough to be waxed, however the hairs which were in the resting stage when you shaved will stay the same, close to the surface of the skin. The wax will only remove those growing hairs, and the resting hairs will begin to shed naturally. Your first wax will remove the majority of hair that’s grown above the skin. Because hairs grow in different cycles, hairs below the skinā€™s surface will now sprout above the skin.

After three to four waxes, all hairs should be growing in the same cycle, which means longer-lasting results! Consistency pays off!

Want to learn more about shaving? Read about the Shaving Effect here!

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