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What do I do if my piercing has a bump on it?

Piercing bumps can pop up at any time and can occur due to any number of things that can irritate and aggravate your piercing, the most common being touching or playing with jewellery.

  • Ask one of our Piercing Specialists to change your jewellery to Titanium (nickel free) or Bioplast (nickel free, medical grade plastic).
  • Reduce knocking or bumping your piercing.
  • Avoid excessive cleansing and continue using Sterilear Step 2: Care.
  • Use Bump Discs which provide pressure and help reduce inflammation.
  • Use our Sterilear Bump Dots on your piercing bump to help reduce redness and swelling. Plus, Bump Dots are also great for pimples and any other fluid-filled bumps on the skin as they draw out any fluid or moisture.
  • Read our full piercing aftercare information here.