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When can I change my child’s jewellery?

It is best to leave the initial piercing jewellery in for as long as you can, until the piercing is fully healed, this is why we have such a huge range of different colours and styles available for Children’s Ear Piercing! The average healing time for ear lobes is 6-8 weeks – it is important that you do not change jewellery before this period of time has passed, it is important to note that lobe piercings can take even longer to heal in some instances and it’s always best to check with a piercer in salon if you’re unsure.

If you are confident that the piercing has healed enough to change the jewellery over, it is important that you do not leave jewellery out of the piercing for long periods of time as the piercing can start to close almost immediately after the jewellery has been removed.

We sell a range of hypoallergenic jewellery styles for kids in our salons, so if you’re wanting to change your child’s jewellery come back and see us!