We prefer children to be at least six weeks of age and appointments are necessary.

In addition, we will only pierce a baby’s ears with two operators at once (this incurs a small extra cost but with much better outcomes).

Please call your local salon for more details.

We only use a gun on the lobes of the ear.

You can shampoo her head, just make sure the shampoo is thoroughly rinsed from around the base of the earring and the clasp.

It is best to avoid swimming pools for at least six weeks due to the sensitive nature of children’s ears.

We sell hypo-allergenic earrings for first time ear piercings. Call your local salon for more information.

You shouldn’t have any problems with allergies. The jewellery we use is hypo allergenic and allergies are extremely rare. In the unlikely event that irritation occurs, please make contact with us.

You can be confident that when we perform your child’s ear piercing, it’s done in hygienic conditions. We have autoclave sterilisation for the equipment in all of our stores. The jewellery is also pre-sterilised using ethylene oxide gas, the highest form of sterilisation possible. The jewellery comes in a sealed plastic casing that is single use. No hands touch the jewellery before it’s inserted.

Ear piercing on a baby or child does not hurt. However, children can become overwhelmed with the “build up” before the piercing. In addition, being near unfamiliar adults (our piercers), can also be a little stressful. This is why it is important to follow the procedures mentioned in this section. They allow the process to happen seamlessly and get you and your child back into your day-to-day routine quickly.

Yes. The procedures we follow are different and we also use staff who have been specially trained to pierce a child’s ears. We understand that you will want ear piercing to be as stress-free as possible for your child and our staff are trained to make this happen.

When ear piercing babies or young children, the differences are:

  • We pierce both ears at the exact same time.
  • We recommend you bring in your child’s favourite toy or offer an incentive, such as an ice cream after the procedure is completed.
  • We recommend that you come in with an idea about the colour of jewellery to be used. This way, you and your child can confidently decide in store. Your child will need to keep these earrings in for at least 6 months to allow the skin to heal properly and reduce the chance of infection. Clear, light blue and purple are the most popular colours.
  • We recommend you pay for the ear piercing and aftercare spray before the piercing. This way you can leave quickly with your child and settle back in to day-to-day activity happily.

You can choose the colour with your child and we recommend mini ear piercing studs that are specially designed for little ears.

While we understand that it’s your choice, we prefer to pierce a baby’s ears when they’re at least 6 weeks old.

You can get your daughter’s ears pierced whenever she is ready (and you are ready, of course). We do girls ear piercing and boys ear piercing.