COVID-19 Procedures FAQ

This FAQ relates to all services including:

In order to help reduce the possible spread of COVID-19, our salon team members are implementing the following additional measures:

  • All high customer contact areas including the reception areas, eftpos machines, iPads, and treatment rooms will be cleaned on a regular basis using an appropriate disinfectant. High touch point areas include doors, door handles, the counter, the waiting area, cabinets, treatment beds and pillows.
  • There will be hand sanitiser at the front counter and in each of the treatment rooms (where supply is available).
  • Salon team members may request all customers to use the hand sanitising gel supplied and to please cover coughs/sneezes and dispose of tissues appropriately.
  • Our Standard Operating Procedure for all treatments is for all team members to wear disposable gloves for each treatment or service undertaken.

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If you are talking about a regular bikini wax the answer is yes. For XX and a XXX wax you can still leave your underwear on and work with the therapist to support the skin and remove all unwanted hair. The girls are very sympathetic and have been doing bikini waxing for a long time. If it helps, you may wish to call your local salon and ask for one of the more senior therapists.

An X+G String bikini line is basically a tidy. We wax the sides called your panty line and across the top, so if you’re wearing a bikini this will prevent any hairs from peeking out.

A XX bikini wax removes hair from the front of the pubic bone leaving behind a small landing strip. We also remove hair from underneath the labia and in-between your buttocks as well.

A Brazilian XXX wax removes all the hair from the front of the pubic bone, underneath the labia and in between the buttocks as well.

It is best to avoid XX or XXX waxing during that time of the month. Other forms of waxing like leg waxing are fine.

It really depends on you, your needs and your hair. Waxing should be a luxurious experience so if you’re feeling apprehensive we can put you at ease by slowing your wax down and carefully explaining all you need to know for achieving smooth, hair-free skin which will increase your confidence at any age.

Please do not use moisturiser on the area you are waxing as some moisturisers can interfere with the wax. Also, wear loose clothing after your wax for a more comfortable post wax experience.

We recommend a minimum of ½ cm in length.

This is a very important question, there are some creams which affect your skins thickness such as steroid creams.  It is best to check with your doctor first.

Waxing should not be performed on skin that is open, irritated, infected or sunburnt.  When your skin is healed, you can call and book in for a wax.

I’ve got great news, yes you can! However, you may experience increased sensitivity due to hormonal changes. Our waxing specialists will make you feel as comfortable as possible during the service.

We have a 5 step system whereby we:

  1. Sterilise the area using Liquid Pre-wax Preparation to remove any makeup, oils or lotions.
  2. Next we apply Powder that will absorb any remaining oil and act as a barrier for easy wax removal.
  3. We then apply Essential Beauty Smooth Wax on the area to remove the hair.
  4. We apply an Essential Beauty Pink Waxing strip which removes the wax.
  5. As a final step, we apply Post Wax Lotion to soothe the skin.

All products have been tested for sensitive skins. If you are still concerned, a patch test can be done on a small area of your leg.

It depends on the tolerance of individuals, at Essential Beauty we will make your waxing as comfortable as possible. Most people testify to the comfort of our waxing system. At the same time, if you’re feeling a little anxious during that time of the month, you can take an Advil or Panadol or other form of pain relief to help.

Usually between 3-4 weeks. However, everyone’s rate of hair growth is different so this will vary between people.  Also remember with the right homecare products, you can help your body stay smoother for longer. Ask our staff in-salon for more details.

Waxing gives a smoother finish which is great for the underpart of the eyebrows.

Eye shadow and foundation will apply and look better on this smooth surface. Waxing is also quick and easy.

For sensitive skins, we also offer tweezing (in addition to the wax) to the top and middle part of the brow. This achieves a more natural, textured look. Be sure to ask therapist for this.

In all cases, you should always talk to your therapist before the wax, to help you and her decide the best shaping methods for your particular hair and skin type.

The shape of your face is one of the factors we take into consideration.

The amount of hair you have, plays an important role in achieving the shape you want.

The more hair you have, the better result we can give you.