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First Time Waxing

First time waxers are usually filled with trepidation but don’t worry, you are definitely not alone.

Arm yourself with some facts on what to expect and you will find soon after, you just can’t live without your regular wax fix.

Fact 1 – Find out exactly what type of wax you are after. The main questions you should have answered are what type of wax is being used and whether it suits your needs. Ask for a hot wax next time if you find that strip wax is not for you (hot wax is more often used for sensitive areas). Clarify exactly where the hair will be removed especially if you are getting a bikini done.

There are plenty of variations to the bikini and Brazilian wax. Ask for an explanation of the process involved. With eyebrows, make sure you come in with a predetermined shape.

Fact 2 – Whilst it is best to leave the hair approximately half a centimetre long, it is ok to have them longer. The therapist will trim them for you if required. Some salons will charge a little extra for trimming so ask them before you proceed.

Fact 3 – The therapists won’t judge, they’re immune. Let’s face it, they see all sorts of things in the course of their work day. They look at lady parts and man parts the whole day too. Yours won’t look any different.

When therapists look at you, they see a challenge. Their brains will immediately start thinking of how they can reshape your eyebrows to suit your face. How to place the wax and strip in order to remove the hair in the quickest way, for maximum results, resulting in silky smooth skin.


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