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Give the Gift of an Experience

Giving the gift of an experience is more in vogue now because an experience tends to stay with you, especially a memorable one.

I remember something a friend once told me. A million years ago …. ok, it was more like 20 years ago. That friend, who was a Sony Music executive at the time was accompanying Aussie singer, Rick Price on his Asian tour. The singer didn’t realise that shopping malls and certain public places required a fee to enter the toilets so he just breezed through, leaving my friend to pay the entry fee. That incident provided a few laughs when the singer gamely told everyone that my friend ‘bought him a pee’ that day.

Come on Rick Price, if you remember this incident, fess up! Anyway, I digress…

Today people have more stuff than they need making gift giving harder than ever before.

If you give something that the recipient doesn’t like, they won’t value it. And it’s pretty hurtful to catch that grimace when they think you weren’t looking. Or worse, they could re-gift it which could possibly end your relationship with him or her.

What if you were on the receiving end of a re-gifted gift? You would probably be quite insulted that the giver couldn’t be bothered to think it through properly. In my opinion, the only safe type of gift to re-gift would be the handing down of a family heirloom, a practice which is fast becoming extinct if it isn’t already.

A gift card is a safe enough option as well because it’s practical and transferable.

If I were to receive a gift card as a present though, I would hope it would be for something with a more specific type of product or service or experience such as a movie gift voucher or beauty treatments rather than a supermarket voucher. Some may not agree, but I find there’s no glamour in receiving a supermarket gift card is there?

So if you are gift hunting, keep in mind some experiences your recipient would enjoy. There are plenty to choose from including gifting a parasailing and jet skiing session, buying someone a facial treatment or a tour of a haunted mansion. It would be even more meaningful if you were to share that experience with them.

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