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Golden Almond Oil

There it is, a kitchen product sitting on the salon shelf!

I am not talking about seeing eggs and flour there, but I am referring to bottles of oils. All sorts in fact. From chamomile to avocado to almond oil. More and more are turning to natural, organic alternatives for skin care and cosmetic use as we rediscover the wonders of nature.

Oils in particular have become very popular as most are produced as a delicious smelling moisturiser. And many more are used in body butters, scrubs and massage oils.

The Golden Almond Oil is to a smaller extent, a less known moisturiser that is non greasy and easily absorbed into the skin. You don’t use very much when applying to the skin, about 4 drops would be good enough for the arms, even less for the face. It’s rich nutritional content, gentleness and relatively low price makes it an ideal must-have in the bathroom vanity. It is a low-irritant, light weight oil and noncomedogenic which means it is suitable for sensitive and acne prone skin too.

Almond oil has high amounts of proteins, vitamins and other antioxidants, helping in the reduction of fine lines, wrinkles and the general fight against the effects of ageing. The most common use of almond oil is as an emollient to keep the skin soft, providing a barrier against the ravages of time and lifestyle.

Because of its versatility and multitude of beneficial skin applications, it makes an amazing massage oil. Clients leave the salon after a massage feeling the double whammy of goodness that the almond oil can dish up.

It is also very often used to strengthen and promote hair growth as well. Its many essential nutrients, especially magnesium, helps to hydrate, protect and improve the health of hair. But as with the uses of almonds and almond oil for culinary purposes, this is a story for another time.

While the Golden Almond Oil is generally safe and suitable for everyone to use, it would be prudent to talk to your doctor first if you have a strong nut allergy.

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