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Hottest Body Piercing Trends for 2014

Piercing your body may seem like a radical thing to do in the name of beauty, but it has been practiced for centuries.

These are some of the hottest trends at Essential Beauty salons:

Children’s ear piercings
In many parts of the world, it’s not unusual for baby girls to have their ears pierced. But some mums leave that decision for a later time. That way, the ear piercing becomes a special rite of passage for mother and daughter. The most important thing to decide is to choose the safest and most reputable salon to pierce a child’s ear. That way, not only is it safe and hygienic, the piercing of a child’s ears will be the landmark event it’s supposed to be.

Nose piercings
Men and women have pierced their noses for centuries in many cultures in Africa, India and the Middle East. In fact, the history of nose piercings goes back as far as 4,000 years ago in the Middle East! With such a legacy, it’s no wonder it’s never gone out of fashion.

Belly piercings
They look fantastic on any navel; they make one look sexy, alluring and powerful. In ancient Egypt, it was even a symbol of courage. With celebrities flashing their belly rings, studs or bars, it’s no wonder belly piercings have become hugely popular.

But there are many who’ve stepped out of the box with adventurous piercings just to make a statement. Piercings can definitely make one stand out in a crowd:

Surface to surface piercings: A piece of body jewellery usually made from bio plast, stainless steel or titanium, is threaded in to the skin and out at another spot, creating a design. The development of some rather beautiful, diverse and unique jewellery has contributed to its popularity.

Dermal piercings: A piece of jewellery is inserted into the skin, but only one end is visible on the surface of the skin. If this is done several times especially in the same area, the skin would end up having a patterned, beaded look.

Genital piercings: Some pierce a part of the genitalia to enhance pleasure, others for aesthetic reasons. As with many body piercing styles, genital piercing has a long history. India’s ancient text of sexual pleasure, the Kama Sutra, mentioned a form of male genital piercing called the Apadravya. In Australia, the frenulum is the most popular of male genital piercings.

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