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How old do you have to be to start Laser Hair Removal?

When a young person seeks advice on how to remove or reduce unwanted hair with Laser Hair Removal, the reasons behind the motivation must be discussed.

If we focus on age alone, a person can be as young as 12 years old, as long as he or she is mature enough to fully understand the process, expectations and the importance of aftercare. Most importantly, they must have parental/legal guardian permission. Also, the young person must truly want this themselves and not as a result of pressure from family or friends.

The benefits of Laser Hair Removal treatments and potential risks are the same in young people as they are for adults according to Dermal Surgeons in the US.

As long as there is the consent of the parents, dermatologists and salons will provide laser hair removal to minors. Still the question remains as to ‘why’ the young client wants Laser Hair Removal treatments.

Generally speaking, young clients consider hair reduction treatments because they are under a lot of distress caused by their hairy problem which occurs during puberty and the process of becoming an adult.

A consultation with a professional before proceeding with Laser Hair Removal to determine whether other hair removal options such as waxing, are a more suitable option at this point in time.

Technically speaking, there is no minimum age to start Laser Hair Removal treatments so long as there is hair growth present.

Please be aware that it is essential to undergo multiple treatments for effective hair removal. Generally, a patient requires between 6-8 treatments to reduce a large area of unwanted hair. Other factors such as skin type and hair colour also have an impact on the number of treatments required for optimal results. Another factor to consider is the cost of laser hair removal whilst young people are still growing and hence the hair may grow back.

A big obstacle for young people is the onset of adolescent hormones that can cause sudden excess hair growth. Even after laser treatments are completed, it may be necessary having further hair removal sessions during the growth phase.

In case of girls, experts recommend treatment after the teenager has gone through puberty in order to achieve optimal results.

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