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Micro-needling uses a small roller with fine, tiny needles which is rolled over the skin to create controlled “injury” to skin. As the skin heals, collagen is directed to the affected area and the increased production gives the skin a smoother and healthier appearance. A side benefit of micro-needling is in the incremental ability of the skin to absorb topical creams and other goodies applied to the skin.

The thought of a single injection is scary enough, let alone the thought of rolling what feels like a million needles on the face. Ouch! But most people surveyed find the procedure only mildly uncomfortable. If too much pressure is applied, it can be painful. There is also the option of having varying needle lengths which may cause different levels of discomfort. A topical anaesthetic can be applied.

Side effects such as redness, mild flaking or dryness normally abate within a day with no lasting damage. In some cases milia (small white dots that look like pimples) might occur and in rare cases, scabbing, bruising, slight bleeding, skin discolouration (hyperpigmentation) and strangely, cold sores. After treatment, try not to touch the affected area to prevent the possibility of infection and apply a gentle sunscreen when outdoors.

The treatment is not suitable for areas of skin with open cuts, sores and cold sores, or lesions or if the client has a history of numbness and poor wound healing.

Seek medical or professional advice before you undergo this treatment and do not try this at home without professional guidance.

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