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My Piercing Has Grown Out – Now I Want It Back!

Many people get pierced and then for whatever reason they either let the piercing heal over by not replacing the jewellery regularly, or they remove the jewellery for too long and so the hole closes.

Alternatively, piercings like eyebrow can migrate or grow out naturally. This is often attributed to lifestyle and is very common. For example, if you sleep face down on a pillow and you have an eyebrow piercing, it will eventually push its way out over time as the eyebrow rubs on the pillow.

So the question is – Now I want it back! But how?

When a piercing is allowed to close over, the body does an excellent job at healing itself.

Scar tissue often forms and people talk about feeling a small lump where the piercing once was. Another name for the scar tissue is fibrosis.

Because scar tissue/fibrosis is generally hard or lumpy as some people describe it, it makes the perfect medium to pierce through under the right conditions. It also has a greater chance of healing the second time round because the surrounding tissue is so solid and well formed, it is less susceptible to infection generally.

So what are the right conditions?

My eyebrow piercing has grown out six months ago, is it ready to be re-pierced? The answer is yes.

I took out my nose ring four weeks ago and now it won’t go back in, can I get it re-pierced tomorrow? The answer is no.

The general rule of thumb is to wait at least 12 weeks. However this can differ from person to person based on individual healing times (some people heal faster than others).

In addition, most people would have their original piece of jewellery and it is quite possible to get pierced with this jewellery. However, it would need to be autoclaved before it is placed in your body.

Salons like Essential Beauty have autoclaves in all their salons around Australia and are able to offer this service of pre-sterilisation.

Some salons may charge for this service so it is best to phone beforehand.

So know you know all this………..what’s stopping you from getting re-pierced? Happy piercing!

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