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Night Creams aren’t just for the Night Time anymore

When is it appropriate to use a night cream during the day and when should you stick to your regular daytime moisturiser?

When You Don’t Plan on Wearing any Makeup

Because night cream is typically much thicker than day cream, it can sometimes feel a bit heavy on your skin. Of course, the purpose of this is to lock in extra moisture to keep your skin soft and to prevent premature wrinkles. For a day of lounging around the house, slather on the night cream to double your exposure to its moisturising properties. You can also wear it if you only intend to use eye makeup, as most creams are not meant for use near your eyes. However, if you plan on wearing full makeup, including foundation, you are probably best to steer clear of the night cream, as it can be too heavy under the makeup.

When You Won’t Be Exposed to the Sun

Night creams work best without the chemicals involved in typical sunscreens, so most of them do not contain any sun protection. When wearing your night cream during the day, don’t apply sunscreen over it, as it can inhibit the night cream’s ability to work. Instead, opt for a big hat to keep the sun off your face, or better yet, stay out of the sun entirely. This is why we recommended it for a long haul flight in the article, ‘Essential Skin Care Tips for Travelling’. Seeing as how you’re held captive out of the sun, it’s a great time to give your skin that extra boost of hydration. If you’re going to be out running errands all day, stick with your regular SPF moisturiser.

When Your Skin is Feeling Ultra Dry

Some days you just wake up with your skin feeling like the Sahara Desert. Night creams are much more hydrating than typical day creams, so feel free to lay it on thick. Night creams have the added bonus of maintaining their moisturising properties for a longer period of time, as they are designed to last all through the night. This will heal your dry skin quickly and keep it smooth and soft throughout your day. Just remember to avoid the sun as much as possible when using the night cream, as it does not provide any protection from the harmful UV rays, which can lead to sunburns or skin irritation.


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