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No Makeup Necessary

If you’ve ever watched movies and wondered if there was a secret to how actresses can go to sleep and wake up with their makeup intact and looking gorgeous, you’re going to have your hopes dashed. That only ever happens in the movies.

Putting on makeup every morning before getting out to greet the world is a time consuming chore. And anyone who has visited the washroom mirror by midday and found racoon eyes staring back at them would be wishing for eyeliners that won’t run and eye shadows that won’t clump up. The bad news is ….you’re out of luck!

And so more and more people turn to semi-permanent makeup treatments.

The reasons are varied. Some women just do not want to bother with the hassle and cost of buying brow pencils and makeup cleaners, whilst others are time poor. For others, it is the thought that their eyeliners, eyebrows or lips are already done perfectly when they wake up, no ‘oops’ moments in the morning.

What is semi-permanent makeup?

The treatment is a procedure that implants safe and approved coloured pigment just below the top layer of the skin. This means that the colour cannot be washed off. However, fading does occur over time as the skin stretches or cells flake off. Like clothes that have been hung out to dry in the sun, exposure to sunlight tends to hasten fading of the coloured pigment. Lighter colours like brown, tan and white are more prone to yellowing and fade much more quickly than black or dark blue so it becomes imperative to discuss colour options with your trained technician to help you pick the best colour to suit your skin tone. Depending on your colour choice, you may have to have your treatment re-touched as early as within a year.

Semi-permanent makeup treatments are popularly sought for eyebrows, eyeliners, full lips or lip liners but the treatment can also be applied to camouflage skin conditions such as vitiligo, facial scars or disfiguring birthmarks, and even reconstruct the appearance of an areola for mastectomy patients.

Semi-permanent eyebrows can create volume and shape if you have very thin, light or no eyebrow hair. It can be done to even out uneven eyebrows and to fill out missing bits due to sparse growth. An eye liner treatment, whether on the top or the bottom eye liner will create bigger, livelier eyes.

Lips may become thinner or uneven due to ageing, sun exposure or a medical condition. Dry lips will continually cause lipstick to bleed out of the lip lines. If you are experiencing these kinds of frustration then a full lip colour or a lip liner treatment can provide a fuller and more defined look, as well as even out an irregular lip line.

You may even wish to create a beauty mark to emulate some of the beauties of the time like Cindy Crawford and Marilyn Monroe.

Whatever your wish may be, remember that removing semi-permanent makeup is difficult and expensive. Consider if the style you have chosen is ever lasting, suits your skin tone and shape of face, or to make a fashion statement. A style and colour that may be in today may look dated in a few years’ time.

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