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Nose piercing position and jewellery types

Nose piercing is the most common of all the facial piercings. Originating from India, it is now a very fashionable commodity.

The placement of a nose stud or ring (hoop) can be anywhere along the nostril depending on your preference.

The most common place where people have their nose pierced is through the curve of one of the nostrils. See below and note where the two lines meet is the best place for your nose piercing (stud).



If you prefer to wear a ring or hoop, your piercing may need to be lower or you may need to wear a larger ring.

It is important to note that there are other piercings on the nose. You can also pierce the septum of a nose (middle) or bridge of a nose (top of the nose between the eyes).

Nose stud types (and hoops):

There are many popular choices of jewellery for nose piercing including these shown below:

Process and some tips include:

  1. Make a booking and have your piercing done in the morning if possible after a light breakfast. If this is not possible, try another time but make sure you have eaten lightly.
  2. Come in and choose your autoclaved jewellery from our extensive range. Do not buy jewellery from anywhere else as you require surgical, implantation grade jewellery for your piercing.
  3. You should not have your nose piercing done if you are suffering from cold.
  4. Your eyes may water a little during the process- this is normal.
  5. For Home/After care and healing times, visit the relevant sections of this website.

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