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Off with Her Hair!

Bush, Forest or Lady Garden. Whatever you call it, we’ve been fascinated for centuries.


Men and women have been fascinated for centuries by the mysteries of pubic hair. Perhaps the most famous proponent was King George IV whose snuff box of pubic hair from his mistresses is currently on display in the Museum of St Andrews University in Scotland.

Today, we’re taking it all off.

It’s more prevalent with the ladies than it is with the men but we do have proof that it’s all coming off. Wait a minute. Does it serve a purpose to remove ones pubic hair? Or more importantly, does it serve a purpose to retain the bush?

Research suggests all sorts of reasons why humans produce pubic hair although no one seems to be able to pin down a specific use for it. Whilst it is believed that hair around the genitals helps trap pheromones to attract a sexual partner, others theorise that the hair down there are to keep dirt and germs away from the vagina. However that theory has big holes in it because that only applies to women. Yet another theory is that pubic hair provides a cushion against friction that can cause skin abrasion and injury. Really?

Take that with a huge pinch of salt. If the huge number of women (and men) who frequent the salons for the XXX wax is anything to go by, that particular theory is shot.

So retaining and grooming pubic hair (or not) seems to be more of a personal choice, based on inconclusive evidence going either way about its purpose. There are plenty of men and women who could care less about the appearance of their privates. Some prefer a certain look based on their association either with perceived cleanliness, sexual appeal or their circle of friends.

Research does show that younger women aged up to 30, are more likely to go completely hair free down there. On average, women tend to report preferring partner with some pubic hair while the men prefer a hair free partner.

If it makes a difference to you, ask your partner what he / she prefers.


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