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Semi-Permanent Makeup, Heads Up!

Wake up with your makeup! It’s the solution so many of us dream of, for a problem women are faced with every day. The end of streaky makeup! Sports-proof makeup! Balanced eyebrows! 24/7 confidence! Well, semi-permanent makeup could be your salvation.

Semi-permanent makeup is essentially a range of cosmetic tattooing treatments to draw in a permanent eyebrow shape and colour, eyeliners, lips and even beauty marks. The treatment can also be considered for covering small bald spots on the eyebrows and head.

Discover how semi-permanent makeup can help you maintain gorgeous eyebrows through thick and thin. If you have been following our blogs, you might have discovered a look that becomes you but wish there was an easier and faster way of achieving that on a daily basis without having to go through your makeup routine every day.

Semi-permanent makeup is highly convenient for women of all ages, but it’s especially effective for people who are time poor or who have:

  • Over plucked their eyebrows
  • Faded or thin eyebrows/lashes
  • Skin sensitivity to cosmetics
  • Albinism & vitiligo skin pigmentation



Gorgeously defined and symmetrical eyebrows are the face’s crowning glory, drawing attention to your eyes, not to mention enhancing your natural looks. Semi-permanent makeup on the eyebrows is ideal for adding that fullness and definition for that precise look. Whether you need a handful of strokes for small thin areas or to recreate an entire eyebrow, it is time to say goodbye to that time-consuming eyebrow pencil!

If you are an outdoors person and love playing sports, you know what this means. Complete confidence in how you look, before and afterwards, no matter how hot and sweaty you get!



Techniques include dotting colour along the eyelash line either to add a more luscious and thicker look, to widen smaller eyes or to play down the anime (big eyes) look.

Semi-permanent makeup eyeliner treatments will end your worries about smudging and runny makeup. It eliminates the need to constantly apply eyeliner every day.


Maintaining your Semi-permanent Makeup

While it looks absolutely amazing, semi-permanent makeup is exactly that. Semi-permanent! It’s all about low maintenance, not no maintenance. So, talking to your Essential Beauty therapist about the aftercare and optional treatment plans you have to maintain your fabulous new look, is a smart move.

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