Spray tanning

Get that just stepped off the beach look with a spray tan.

Look sexier, slimmer and sun-kissed in an instant without worrying about harmful UV rays.

Our experienced therapists perform spray tans for girls and guys all year round. So while you might start out feeling pale and a little awkward, they’ll have you feeling confident and sexy by the time you leave.

Spray tanning means one thing – a sexier you with an off the beach look.

SOUL spray tanning is the number one choice for premium tanning!

The SOUL Tan spray tanning system is for a great sunless tan and offers:

  • No orange colour
  • No streaking
  • Natural looking

Avoid the sun’s harmful rays by getting the best fake tan you want without the sunburn. Colours available include light, medium and dark. Most people enjoy medium.

Take home products also available to keep your tan looking good for longer.

Why SOUL Tan spray tanning…?

  • You want to look your best for a special occasion.
  • You like the look of a tan, but want to avoid UV rays and sunburn.
  • You want to disguise cellulite and blemishes.
  • You want to highlight your muscle definition.
  • You want a natural looking tan with no streaking or orange colour.
  • You want to choose from a light, medium or dark tan.
  • You want the best fake tan or best spray tan solution.
  • You want take home products to keep your tan looking good for longer.



  • Wax or shave the day before your tan.
  • Moisturise heavily the night before, then shower and thoroughly exfoliate your body, paying special attention to dry areas like knees and elbows.
  • Wear loose, dark clothing and easy to remove footwear, such as thongs to your appointment.
  • Wear a G-string if you’d like or ask your therapist for a disposable G-string when you arrive.



  • Wear deodorant, lotions, perfumes or any moisturisers to your tanning appointment.


  • Discuss your preferred colour with your therapist. For a more natural look, try a lighter shade first and have a top up a few days later for a deep, natural look.
  • You can wear a G-string, underwear, bathers or nothing at all.


What happens during spray tanning…? 

  • Your therapist will prepare your chosen shade.
  • Your therapist usually begins spraying the tan at your hips and works down your legs. She’ll ask you to change positions slightly, turn around etc., so she can apply the tan evenly all over your body.
  • When it comes time to spray your face, your therapist will ask you to close your eyes and hold your breath. She will generally do a few passes over the face on each side and one in the middle.
  • After your therapist has finished your spray tan, you simply wait a few minutes to dry before you get dressed.


If you feel one of these steps has been missed or hasn’t been done well, please stop your therapist and let her know. When you work together with your therapist, you will get the best possible results.


  • Moisturise twice daily to prolong your tan. We recommend SOUL Tan Extender Moisturiser.
  • Use a sunscreen as the tan does not contain one and having a tan does not protect you from sunburn.
  • Consider placing a single sheet over your sheets and pillow to protect them from your spray tan. Some of the tan may rub off on your nightwear and sheets. It won’t stain them, but this can be a nuisance.



  • Shower, get wet or exercise for 8 hours.
  • Don’t soak in the bath or in chlorinated pools, as this will cause your tan to fade faster.

A tan makes you look healthier and slimmer. With a Spray Tan you can enjoy this feeling even more without exposure to harmful UV rays which have many possible side effects.

Your tan will last longer on well hydrated skin so moisturise twice a day using SOUL tan Xtender moisturiser.

SOUL tan Xtender moisturiser is part of the SOUL range of products-ask for it by name.

SOUL is committed to using only the highest quality ingredients and tanning actives for everyone to safely use and achieve a beautiful, natural looking tan.

All of our SOUL self-tanning products contain rich emollients to give added hydration to the skin.

Remember also that SOUL has a self-tanning lotion for home which you can purchase in store as well. Ask our staff for more details about how you can achieve the best, most natural looking fake tan.

The first professional natural tanner which conceals cellulite and highlights muscles.

SOUL Slender tan is a salon-quality spray tan that instantly bronzes the skin and then develops into a deep gorgeous golden brown colour that lasts for 7-10 days! Get that skinny look every time you use SOUL Slender tan!

Slender  tan includes high quality, naturally derived, tanning agents that work with your skin to create a natural looking tan, which is gentle on your skin. SOUL Slender  tan includes natural DHA that is derived from Guarana seeds and requires less drying time than other tans giving an even, natural looking, streak free appearance.

Guarana is a naturally occurring botanical that contains caffeine and can have a tightening effect on problem skin giving visible definition!

SOUL SLENDER  tan looks natural, disguises blemishes and cellulite and helps add visible definition. You not only look naturally tanned, but also get a skinnier, better looking body as well!