Meet Teddy the loveable Bear

Who is Teddy? He’s more than just a comforting friend…

Teddy goes to Fringe

Teddy is our favourite bear!

…but what do we really know about him?

What is Teddy’s job?

Teddy’s job is to spread light and love throughout the world for all the little boys and girls who need a cuddle and comfort.

What can you tell Teddy?

You can tell Teddy anything. Teddy is the best secret keeper in the world.

Who is Teddy’s best friend?

You are!

When was Teddy born?

Teddy was born on 1st January, 2007.

What are Teddy’s favourite colours?

Teddy loves all the colours of the Rainbow!

Does Teddy live in a cave?

Teddy lives in the home you have.

What is Teddy’s favourite place?

Teddy is happy to go anywhere as long as Teddy is close to you.

What is Teddy’s favourite drink?

Baby Cino with a marshmallow.

What is Teddy’s favourite food?

Ice cream.

What are Teddy’s hobbies?

Drawing and colouring in.