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The gift to buy for the person who has everything

There is no doubt that gift buying is difficult.

Some of the characteristics of a gift you should consider when buying for someone who has everything is as follows:

  1. Something personalized – a gift that is tailored, increases the perceived value of the gift
  2. Daily luxury item – giving a gift somebody wouldn’t ordinarily buy for themselves that is luxury based, increases the value of that gift
  3. Experience – giving a gift which is also an experience, increases the thoughtfulness of the gift.
  4. Having the gift prepaid if it is a series, also adds value

So what gift embraces all of these characteristics? The answer is a beauty salon gift card.

Some people believe that gift cards are a copout. However, when you are buying for somebody who has everything, it can help remarkably especially given the card can be interchanged.

So, let’s put together a gift card, shall we?

Remember, it has to be personalized which we can do through the gift card wallet (write a personal message).

It should be an item which they wouldn’t ordinarily buy for themselves (e.g. a facial).

A facial is also an experience and the gift card is prepaid.

So, check, check, check. check all the way round!

Try these packages depending on who you are buying for and note below:

For your caring mum: 

For your time poor mum:
For career minded mum:    
For sporty mum:                  
For your wife:              
For your sister:           
For your partner:                 

For auntie:                            

For someone close to you
For a good friend:       
For your girlfriend:              
For your daughter:     
and let’s not forget dad……….

For your dad:               

Most of these suggestions are multiple treatments (i.e. a series). At Essential Beauty, if you choose a package and some aspect of it is not suited to the recipient, they can simply have something else in its place to an equal value.

For example, if you choose a package with an eyebrow wax and the recipient does not want the eyebrow wax, they can have another service from our directory instead.

So, every which way you are covered! There is your solution. Happy gift buying!

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