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Waxing Services in Marion

Waxing Services in Marion

Essential Beauty are your waxing experts in Marion! Our Beauty Therapists are very experienced at waxing everywhere, from brows to your toes and everywhere in between. We’re especially known for our XXX Brazilian Bikini Wax, using only the most hygienic practices for the best results.

Essential Beauty waxes anybody, anywhere

Waxing is a fantastic hair removal method. Hairs are removed to the root, so your skin feels smoother and silkier. Also, waxing weakens hair follicles, so with each treatment, less hair grows back! Waxing is also safe for most parts of the body, especially when done by the specialists at Essential Beauty Marion.

We offer two types of waxing: strip and hot wax. Strip waxing is great for large areas to remove short, stubborn hairs quickly. And the minerals in our wax strips soothe skin to calm any irritations. Hot wax is gentler, and we have a special formulation that is ideal for sensitive areas like the face and bikini area.

Tips for before and after waxing

The hair in the area you want waxed should be about half a centimetre long, so you may want to trim or avoid shaving, as necessary. Have a light exfoliation a day or two before, and don’t forget to moisturise! But don’t shave, exfoliate, or moisturise on the day of your appointment. Afterwards, your Beauty Therapist at our salon in Marion Shopping Centre will apply a cooling gel and go over the aftercare needed to maintain healthy smooth skin.

Waxing usually leaves your skin smooth for around two weeks before hair starts to grow back. Depending on your preference, you may want to come back every month or so for another appointment to stay hair free.

Make your Essential Beauty Marion wax appointment

Our Beauty Therapists are ready to help you wax your way to the smooth complexion you desire. Contact Essential Beauty Marion with any questions you may have or easily book your waxing appointment today by clicking below!

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