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2023 Beauty Ins and Outs

Beauty Updated December 23, 2022

With the end of 2022 fast approaching, it has us wondering what trends we will be bringing into 2023. We have put together our top beauty predictions for the new year – here are Essential Beauty’s 2023 Ins and Outs!



Premature ageing and sun damage? No thanks! Sunscreen is a definite in for 2023.
We’ll be using the Dalton Sun Care UV Protection Cream SP50+. Its light and non-greasy formula provide the perfect moisturising base, all while protecting your skin. We’re all about beautiful skin, and importantly protecting the skin you’re in this new year. Shop our Dalton range in selected salons near you, and online from Essential Beauty Shop!

Belly Piercings

We’re predicting belly piercings will be the ultimate way to spice up your summer look in 2023! Belly piercings had a big resurgence in 2022 with the rise or Y2K fashions, and they’re not going away anytime soon. Although they take up to 6-12 months to completely heal, you can swim just three weeks after getting your belly pierced – get ready for that next beach day or pool party! So, you heard it here first; belly piercings are going to be the hottest piercing of the season.


Curated Ears

Mismatched jewellery? Essential Beauty says absolutely not. Curated ears were huge in 2022, and will continue to be in 2023! There are over 20 places to get pierced on the ear, and with our favourite celebrities jumping on the bandwagon, we don’t see curated ears going away any time soon. The best way to add to your ear curation is with a new piercing, and new jewellery – lucky it’s everything your local Essential Beauty is an expert at.

Lash Lifts

Goodbye lash extensions, lash lifts are a massive in for 2023! A lash lift is basically a perm for your eyelashes and dramatically enhances your look for 4-6 weeks post-appointment. Lash lifts are perfect for cutting down your beauty routine in half, and we’re all about embracing your natural beauty and features. Put down the mascara, a lash lift is your new beauty service must-try next year. Put it on your beauty bucket list this year!


Eyebrow Tints

In 2022 we saw an increase in people embracing their natural eyebrows, and we don’t think this is going away any time soon. What better way to enhance your natural brows than with a brow tint? Eyebrow tints achieve better brow definition and fullness, all while improving the natural shape of your eyebrows. So, we’re calling it – eyebrow tints are in for 2023!

Essential Beauty offers a range of brow tints that can suit your needs and wants! At Essential Beauty you can choose from our most popular professional salon tint service, or our up and coming henna brows service.



  • Shaving Rash & Ingrown Hairs
    There’s nothing more than a vibe killer than shaving rash or ingrown hairs! We have the perfect solution for you with our range of hair removal methods to make you throw out the shaver for good. Waxing is our favourite hair removal method, and our most popular at Essential Beauty. Some of our most popular services include eyebrow waxing, leg waxing, Brazilian & bikini styles, lip waxing & so much more. Visit your local Essential Beauty salon, or book online now!
  • Mismatched Jewellery
    Mismatched jewellery is out! Curated and styled ears are in. If you’re unsure where to start styling your ears, visit the experts at Essential Beauty in salon! If you feel more comfortable shopping online our Essential Beauty Shop has our full range! You can also try on jewellery virtually online with our new Try On Tool.
  • Panda Eyes
  • Bleached Eyebrows

No matter whatever your beauty goals are in 2023, we can be your go-to beauty salon. Essential Beauty specialises in piercing, waxing, eyebrows & lashes at over 60 salons around Australia!

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