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Everything you need to know about belly piercings

Piercing Updated April 7, 2022

What is a belly button piercing?

Belly button piercings have been popular since the early 2000s and the belly piercing is still one of the most popular piercings in 2022! We’ve compiled all of the most information about navel piercings so you can be well-informed before you get pierced! The most common of belly piercings is where the jewellery sits through the fleshy skin right at the top centre of the belly button, allowing the jewellery to hang over the hollow part of the navel.

up close of a womans belly piercing with gold jewellery

Belly button piercing procedure

First, you will be asked to pick out jewellery for the piercing. We have a range of gem and metal colours to choose from, clear crystal double gem and single gem belly banana bars are the most popular. When you’re in the private piercing room, the navel will be cleaned with alcohol. Then, your piercer will mark the piercing entry and exit site and you will be asked to stand up in a relaxed position and look in the mirror as this will most accurately show you how the jewellery will sit on your relaxed belly. Once you and your piercer agree on the position, your skin will be held taught with a sterile clamp. After that, a single-use needle will be used to pierce the belly followed by the 14 gauge jewellery. Expect a tiny bit of bleeding, swelling, or redness immediately after the piercingā€”thatā€™s completely normal and should subside quickly.


Does a belly piercing hurt?

Your belly piercing procedure will cause some slight pain like any other piercing, but because the skin on your stomach is fleshy and soft, it will be less painful than other piercings with thicker cartilage. If you follow the correct recommended aftercare and avoid touching, knocking or irritating your piercing the pain will go away quickly.


How long does a belly piercing take to heal?

Following the recommended aftercare is extremely important to ensure your piercing heals as it should, failing to do so can result in problems with your piercing and can slow down the healing process.

Your healing time may vary depending on a number of factors including how well you follow the piercing aftercare instructions you’re given and your general health. Generally, belly button piercings will take 12-24 months or sometimes longer to have fully healed. The first time you take your jewellery out, we recommend getting a piercer to help you as they can assess whether it has healed enough for a changeover without irritating the piercing.


How do you know if your belly piercing is ready to downsize?

You can conduct some simple tests to check if you’re ready to change your jewellery.

  1. Your skin colour around the piercing has returned to normal, check that there is no more redness around the jewellery.
  2. There is no more pain around the piercing site.
  3. There is no presence of discharge or secretions.
  4. It has been at least 6-12 weeks post piercing appointment.

Be aware that tissue heals from the outside in, your piercing may feel fine on the outside, but the interior may still be healing. Remember, ‘if in doubt, we’ll check it out!’ pop back into the salon at any time for a piercing healing checkup.


How to know if your belly piercing is infected or rejecting:

As a belly piercing is technically a surface piercing, they have higher risks of rejection or migration than other standard entry and exit piercings. Common risks are piercing bumps, irritation, and swelling, and less common are actual infections. Migration or rejection is when you notice the jewellery moving or growing out of the original piercing site, this can be due to irritation or the wrong jewellery. If you’re concerned that there is a problem with your piercing, contact your local salon immediately as they will be able to help with healing and identify the cause of the problem.


The best jewellery for belly piercings:

Banana Barbells: The most popular jewellery choice for navels is a curved banana barbell, the jewellery fits the best with the natural shape or curve of the body. On belly bars like these, one ball is removable so you can insert the post into the piercing and screw on the ball. This style comes in loads of colours and designs!

Belly Rings / Hoops: Belly rings are becoming more popular, we stock a range of oval-shaped belly clicker rings to sit flat against the belly! They are a cute and different alternative to a standard belly piercing look.

gold and crystal belly ring

How to change your jewellery:

Most clients say it’s easy lt to change belly piercing jewellery on your own as you can look down, use both hands or see your piercing clearly in a mirror. Always wash your hands or wear gloves when changing any body jewellery.

We always recommend going back to your original piercing salon for your first jewellery change, as a professional piercer can assess that the piercing has fully healed, and can help recommend the right jewellery size and style and of course – insert the jewellery for you so you don’t have to stress!

Ready to get your belly pierced? Book online today or visit one of our salons!

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