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Rook Piercings: Everything you need to know!

Piercing Updated May 14, 2024

You’ll likely have heard of a tragus or daith piercing, but have you heard of a rook piercing? Located on the upper part of the ear (above the daith), on the ridge between the outer and inner sections of the ear. The rook piercing is a little more unknown and unique, and a great piercing to add to your ear curation!



Rook Piercing Process & Jewellery:

A rook is pierced using our sterilised catheter needle method; the process is over within seconds, and you’re able to choose from a range of our stunning rook piercing jewellery styles:

  • Curved Barbell – best for healing as it allows for swelling and doesn’t twist. Titanium rook piercing jewellery is great as it’s nickel-free and good for sensitive skin! Check out our range of rook piercing barbells online here.
  • Hoop/ring – a popular option, perfect if you’re wanting to create a stylish curated ear. You can also add charms to a hinged ring to really elevate your look! Check out our range of rook piercing hoops, rings, and charms online here!

Our rook piercing jewellery comes in gold, silver, rose gold and black, and in different metal types too! At your appointment discuss with your Beauty Therapist what jewellery is included in your piercing, and what your upgrade options are.



Pain level and healing time:

Pain levels are different for each individual and will depend on the person’s pain tolerance. Cartilage piercings tend to hurt more than soft tissue piercings, so we believe the pain level for a rook piercing is about a 6/10, similar to a helix or flat piercing. Remember to breathe during your appointment and drink plenty of water so you’re feeling as relaxed as possible. If you have any concerns, you can always chat to one of our Beauty Therapists! You can also read about preparing for a piercing via our blog here.

Healing times are also different for everyone, as it will depend on the persons anatomy and your aftercare. For a rook piercing, & for complete healing we recommend waiting 12-24 months before leaving any jewellery out of the piercing.

Signs your rook piercing may have healed:

  • It has been 12-24 months since you received your piercing*.
  • There is no more discharge or redness.
  • The piercing is not tender to touch.
  • The jewellery is loose and moves somewhat freely.

*Please note: these times are general, and healing varies for the individual. If you are unsure, visit your Piercing Experts to consult and advise.



Jewellery Changeover Period:

You will be able to change your rook piercing jewellery over 6-12 weeks after your piercing appointment, however, it is important to remember that jewellery changeover times and healing times are two very different things. After 6-12 weeks you’ll be able to remove your rook piercing jewellery for a short time for a changeover. Your rook piercing may begin to shrink if the jewellery is left out for too long; we cannot give an exact time for how long you can remove your jewellery before it becomes difficult to reinsert.

At Essential Beauty every piece of jewellery purchased comes with a free jewellery changeover! Ask your Beauty Therapist at the time of purchase.



Recommended Aftercare:

It is important to follow recommended aftercare information from our Piercing Experts. For weeks 1 & 2, spray Sterilear Step 1: Clean front and back twice a day. Spray sparingly, rinse after use. Step 1: Clean contains the optimal concentration of salts to promote healing and prevent bacteria from forming around the piercing.

From weeks 3 onwards, move on to the Sterilear Step 2: Care. Spray front and back twice a day. Step 2: Care is formulated with aloe vera, lavender, and vitamin E to soothe the skin while promoting healing. Also containing peppermint oil to provide anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

Want to learn more about caring for your piercing? Check out our piercing aftercare tips and tricks blog, or visit our Piercing Experts in salon if you have any questions!


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