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Our Guide to Professional Needle Piercings

Piercing Updated September 29, 2022
What time is it? Time to get a new piercing! At Essential Beauty we offer a diverse range of ear & body piercings styles and services. We offer professional needle piercings at all Essential Beauty salons, and can’t wait to make your piercing dreams come true!

What is a needle piercing?

A needle piercing is a professional piercing method for ear & body areas. This method pierces with a single use, sterilised cannula needle. Cannula needles are also known as catheter needles (medical professional term).
Needle piercing methods do not remove tissue, from the piercing location. Instead, a needle piercing opens space in the skin to allow room for the jewellery to sit in.
Your Beauty Therapist will insert pre-sterilised (autoclaved) jewellery into the catheter and feed through the space created by the needle. The catheter needle keeps the piercing open, and enough space for jewellery to insert into the piercing.

What is the difference between needle and piercing guns?

Piercing guns at Essential Beauty are only ever used for lobe piercings. Piercing guns are only to be used on earlobes due to their fleshy, soft nature. Piercing guns are never used for any other part of the ear or body, as needles are far safer on all cartilage areas and also promote better healing. Needles work best in cartilage areas, due to their scalpel-like sharpness and precision.
We love both methods at Essential Beauty! If you have any questions our Beauty Therapists are here to help. Give your local salon a call or visit them!

What piercings can pierce with a needle?

All our piercings can be pierced by a professional canula needle piercing method!
Ear piercings include, earlobes, upper lobe, conch, lower helix, snig, flat, outer conch, helix, industrial, rook, forward helix, daith & tragus piercings.
Lip and oral piercings, nipple, belly, nose, septum, and more.
  • different types of ear piercings
    Ear Piercings
We love piercings, and if there is something we haven’t listed don’t fret! We probably offer it too. Check out our online booking system or give your local salon a call to check.

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