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Needle Piercing vs Gun Piercing

Piercing Updated October 26, 2020

Gun Piercing:

Ear piercing with a gun has been the traditional form of ear lobe piercing since the early 1960’s. This method works by pushing through a stud into the ear lobe.

Essential Beauty’s exclusive Contactless Sterilear System uses studs with a pointed end that are pre-sterilised and packaged in a single use, disposable cartridge that is loaded onto the device. The pre-sterilised earrings are used to pierce the ear lobe and at no point does the device come into contact with you or your child’s ears to ensure that no contamination takes place.

The Sterilear System is suitable for ear lobe piercing only as they are a soft and fleshy part of the body without any cartilage. All other ear and body piercings are strictly performed with a single use piercing needle. Ear lobe piercings can also be done with a needle if you prefer this method of body piercing.

The Sterilear System method of lobe piercing is the best form of ear piercing for children and babies, as it is quick, effective and can be performed with double operators.

Needle Piercing:

We pierce all other parts of the ear and body with a single use, sterile catheter needle, also known as a cannula needle which are used by medical professionals. Piercing with a catheter needle does not remove tissue, the needle opens space in the skin to allow room for the jewellery to sit in.

Pre-sterilised jewellery is then inserted into the catheter (which keeps the piercing open) and is fed through the space created by the needle.

Cannula piercing needle

Push through ear piercing systems are only ever used for ear lobes, and never for other parts of the ear or body such as the helix or nose. Cartilage should only ever be pierced with a needle as it promotes better healing, needles work best in these areas due to their scalpel like sharpness and precision.

However, the two systems can happily co-exist. If you are having your lobes pierced and would prefer we use the needle method, that is completely fine.

Book your next body piercing online now or download the Essential Beauty app. To book children’s double operator ear piercing using our Contactless Sterilear System please call your local salon.

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